Saturday, June 30

Whine whine whine...and cheese

I hate being awake this early on a Saturday. Let me amend that: I hate being hung over and awake this early on a Saturday morning when I have to leave my warm snuggly bed to go to work. Much better.
And it's all icky outside. I could have used an SAT word there, but icky is the most appropriate word there is for the weather at this point. Humid-and cloudy and sticky and icky. It's nine am and the sun still hasn't broken through. Of course, if it was gorgeous out i'd be bitching about that.
Eh. I will shake it off with the help of caffeine and Comedy Central online.
Oooo! I almost forgot the bright spot!!! I found my Digable Planets tape last night. AND my tape player!!! Very exciting. I was a rabid DP fan in eighth grade and had dreams of going on tour with them through a series of funky nightclubs around the world. It's a fun piece of nostalgia, and still a pretty good album.
OK- adrenaline gone. I'm going to go back to work...and drink more coffee. You guys have a great weekend!


Jocelyn said...

I guess if I'd known that "icky" isn't an SAT word, I'd have gotten a higher score.

His Sinfulness said...

You could make it an SAT word; icktacularity, or icknormous maybe...