Wednesday, July 25

All was well.

I couldn’t stop. From the moment I settled in, propped up against my pillows with the good reading light on, I was gone. When I finally finished at around 2 am I couldn’t sleep. My mind keep replaying the last scenes of the novel and remembering bits of details from past novels and wondering if I would ever have enough money to buy JK Rowling’s notebooks. Probably not.
In the great debate over whether books will survive in the future rapidly streaming at us through more and more devices of every kind I must admit that I believe in books. I believe in the magic of diving not just into someone else’s story, but also into their internal world. I believe in the romance of the printed word on good paper; in the crack of a spine and in dog eared pages. No matter what anyone says about the series or its author I give Ms. Rowling credit for introducing these pleasures to millions of new readers.
Last night for a little over seven hours I spent some time with old friends and enemies. I laughed a lot, cursed a couple times, cried more than you really need to know, and cheers more than a few times. I also threw the book across the room twice out of sheer frustration…and grief. I loved every minute of it.


Mayren said...

I know you couldn't wait and thats a bummer but It sounds like you found the time to read that wasn't being taken by anything else so

i too talk at my books sometimes. Cursing or cheering or crying and shoving the thing away from me.

I know JK has a good 3 more years of doing nothing but Harry Potter movie consulting etc; but a part of me wants to see what she's got left in her. She has to contribute to the world again in some way right? She could churn out things and become the Shakespeare of our time right?

WNG said...

I'm with you on that Mayren. I'd really like to see a completely different side of her. Then again- anything she does will be judged by these books and all that surrounds them, which sounds pretty daunting.

His Sinfulness said...

I'm glad the hype was not too great, and it was good for you!

WNG said...

It was vitamin HP for my dorky soul HSBP.

karma lennon said...

Wasn't it amazing? I cried too.

WNG said...

Buckets. I cried buckets.