Wednesday, July 18


I got an article in an email from Uncle G that made me think. He’s good at doing that, even when I don’t want to. I’ve been debating in my head whether or not to post the entire thing here, or just the link to it. I’ve decided to just put up the link. (I have some weird paranoia this morning about ABC suing me for copyright something) I think it’s a pretty interesting piece and I’d love to hear what you all think about it so please take a look and let me know.


Susan said...

I think I'd go and attend his services if he were nearby. "We may go through hell but we don't go to hell"

I kind of like that..

WNG said...

Me too Susan. I was taught that hell was separation form God, and that could happen anywhere at any time; basically that we create our own hells, so I'm with this guy.

Mayren said...

Hot topic. I can't wait to see what Linus says.

I think it's sad that this man is going through a spiritual journey by actually studying the greek and hebrew translations of the bible or dead sea scrolls if you will, yet he is being persecuted for his personl enlightenment.

I believe that no matter what Faith venue you claim to be, that you have the right to go through your own journey to enlightened spirituality.
I think that some people are void of spirituality all together and that is generally pretty negative.

All this open-mindedness is coming from a real preacher's kid who was raised Independent - Bible Thumping Baptist. I no longer claim to be apart of any specific organized religion because i happen to see their institutions as evil and self-serving in themselves. A popular word for it could be non-denominational.

All that to say: I really feel bad for this guy.

karma lennon said...

Very interesting article. I think that if this guy was nearby he might get me back into the Christian religion. Maybe. But yeah, that's something I always had a problem with-if God is love then why did he create the world knowing what would happen because he is omnipotent? It seems like a really sick joke to pull on people. I personally don't believe in Satan because I'm not going to blame my wrongdoings on some guy out there instead of taking responsibility myself. And anyway I was always taught that angels don't have free will so how did he rebel anyway? There's too much contradiction I think in mainstream religion such as this. So I chose a different path where there's no hell or satan. I just can't believe that the higher power would love us so much only to torture us or whatever if we don't do exactly as they say. Stuff like that is just used to scare the masses into believing what people want us to believe. Hence my getting "saved" at the age of 7-I was having nightmares about hell. I was terrified.

Anyway good article and I feel bad for the guy too.

WNG said...

Me too. It also explains a lot about why organized religion drives me nutso. You can't ask questions, or ask the wrong questions... or come up with different answers, yeah- going nutso already.

meno said...

Sigh. Another example of Christians fighting amongst themselves over words, when they could be focusing on the supposed real mission of Christianity, helping people. Sigh.

His Sinfulness said...

Thanks for bringing this up!

I have too much to say on this - I don't want to sermonize in your comment window :)
Look for my response on my blog - in the afternoon on Thursday.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Very interesting (and encouraging) article. I'm sorry that the Reverend had to get cancer from his crisis of faith as he is an honest, brave and honorable man who overflows with love for others and for his God.

It is simply primitive fear that keeps people stuck in outdated beliefs. I have always avoided organized religions because I prefer to think for myself in such matters.

His abandonment by his congregation shows that most people are threatened by any kind of original thought, and cannot leave their comfort zones by being asked to actually THINK. Its a sad commentary on how brainwashed most of us are willing to be, and remain.