Saturday, August 25

Random Ass Shit...or Watch Your Mouth!

So, I'm stuck at work. Bad. But I'm cruising my favorite blogs. Good. Thinking about the randomness. Neutral. Laughing like a loon. Fantastic. Letting dumb shit go. Healthy- but not much fun.
I decided that I would add some of my closet favorites to my blogroll. These are bloggers I read, but don't usually comment on. I don't know why. I am slightly intimidated in a couple of cases but in others I just haven't taken the leap, even when I have something to say. And yes- as all my minions know, I always have something to say.

And now for something completely different (or not):

I think one of the reasons I like blogs is that they don't end. I hate reading a great book and coming to the end. Even excellent endings leave me vaguely pissed and let down. It's like having great sex and then he falls asleep. Yes, it was fabulous, but why can't I have MORE fabulous? Not fair. With a blog- the good ones- I can have as much fabulous as I like. Unless someone pulls a Mist and fucks off. (Sorry baby, you know I love you, I'm just so alone now...weeping silently...calling your name in the night...) This is also why I like series and love recurring characters. I can't really get into the sience fiction so much, but I love a good suspense/threiller. Robert K. Tanenbaum is one of my top ten authors for this very reason. He's been writing about Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi for more years than I feel like looking up right now- but it's been a damn long time. I know them. I know their kids and their dogs, their friends and the story about why Marlene has a glass eye. Malice is the latest novel in the Karp/Ciampi saga and I'm going to start it as soon as I finish bitching about my life to you guys.

In case you haven't noticed I'm in a bit of a mood today. This stems completely from my recurring problem of expectations. I make great plans in my head and generally don't share them with people until the last minute. When said minions have plans of their own or *gasp* just don't feel like falling in with the party line I have so cleverly devised I get a tad persnickety. It happens. The tone becomes terse, the language a mite salty and the brow slighty furrowed. Toes tap and the minions scatter. This can usually be assuaged with the application of beer and pizza, but since neither are available at the moment I'll just have to vent to you.


Good to get that out. Thanks guys.
Oh and BTW, my 200th post is coming up...any ideas?


Susan said...

200 posts!? I do believe it's naked time!!

Ok, so maybe I've had too much coffee this morning. Time to switch to decaf.

No worries with me ever going away--I'll have things to whine about until the day I die...

Also, BLAH to you being stuck at work on a Saturday.

WNG said...

THANK YOU! Major Blah to me being stuck at work on Saturday!!! Naked time...hmm...I'll have to (work out, starve myself, learn how to airbrush) ponder that...

mist1 said...

I'm so glad to know that it's you calling my name out. I keep thinking I'm hearing sh*t. My docs upped the dosage but, still, I had no relief.

WNG said...

You're alive!!! I won't run you through the whole guilt trip... I'll just keep screaming in the darkness (because deep down inside you know you like it)

mist1 said...

I've never been on a guilt trip. What should I pack?

WNG said...

Shoes. Lots and lots of shoes :-)
What else?