Tuesday, August 21

Wonder when you'll miss me

So, what have I been doing in the ten million years I have been away from you, my loverly peons? The answer is ten million things, none of them extremely interesting, most of them not even mildly enjoyable.
In my office there are levels of hell. The deepest and darkest of these is the Open House hell and that is the swirling vortex of fuckall from which I have recently made my escape. I wish I could say it was made without a scratch, but the best I can do is say that there was free beer.
The point is, children, I am back. The weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth and wearing of hair shirts can cease and the celebrations begin. I assume you have prepared the fatted calf and gilded the horns and flanks of your prize bull. I missed you. I checked in on all of your blogs when I could, but didn’t have a chance to post (or breathe, but who’s complaining?). I did however, have a chance to download the new Black Vatican podcast because nothing can stop the Fandom of G. I’ve decided I want a Flynn’s Hair plush doll for my birthday. April 17, 2008- start the countdown clock.

A side note: Has anyone at the BV ever thought of Flynn’s Hair adult toys?

So here’s what’s coming up in the World of G:
Papa G (and possibly wife #5) will be visiting at some point next week.
Mama G is buying a Lexus Coupe because she has finally realized she is over 60 and still hot- a thing to be celebrated. She will visit to share the hotness as soon as she has the car.
Joe’s cousin is getting married next month and he wants me to go to the wedding and meet the family. Of course I’m not stressed about it. My hair always falls out in chunks like that.
I will be soaking up more than my fair share of minor league baseball as pretty much everyone I know has tickets to a Norfolk Tides game.
My not at all secret fantasy lover is back for one last season in Green Bay and I will be glued to the television for each and every game…unless someone wants to get me tickets???

All is as it should be; strange, fun, exciting, terrifying, and familiar. Plus there’s beer.

Ps there’s a fabulous prize for the person who can tell me where I got that title…without using Google.


Susan said...

I think there's a book with that name but I doubt that's it. I saw it on a book list the other day while I was trolling amazon for about..oh...8 hours. Anyway, VERY glad you're back. Think of the positively wonderful wigs you'll be able to wear do to the hair clumps missing. Sounds like you're goin' to be one busy lady!

Flynn said...

Glad your back hun, let the wearing of shirts end - hair or otherwise ;)

Glad you enjoyed the Pod Cast, as for the hair, I've always wanted a plushie... and you know I aim to keep my fan-base... happy... ;)

meno said...

I prefer to be a minion rather than a peon!

WNG said...

Susan- I'm glad to be back too and I'm LOVING your shiny new blog! Ooo, I never thought of the wigs...

Flynn- I believe in wearing as little clothing as possible at all times... and I want that plushie!!!

Meno- Minion it is! Anything for Meno :-)

WNG said...

PS- Susan wins the first fabulous prize...next one goes to the person who can tell me the author...

His Sinfulness said...

Amanda Davis. I only know this because I work in a nearly all chick office.

Sooooo glad you are back! As for Flynn plushies and sex toys of all types, Doktor Smith and I are on the case. The good doktor has plans, he does...

WNG said...

I can always count on Pater Major to come through for me! No excuses necessary for reading Amanda Davis- I just got Papa G hooked on Jodi Picoult.
I will trust you and the Doktor to come in on time :-)