Friday, September 21


“I don’t want what’s best for you
Where would I be when you found it?
You know I’ve prayed a lot about
These bad feelings inside
But I can’t pray my way through or around it.”

I want:
A Family
A Home
Aaron Sorkin writing TV again
Vin Deisel to give me a bubble bath
An hour to lay my head in my mother’s lap
Strong arms around me in the night
Not to have to fight anymore
A place to rest
An apartment that magically cleans itself
Someone to do the dishes when I cook
Two dogs
To get to work with the cast of the West Wing
All of my family in one place for Christmas
All the men who left to come crawling back
All the men I left to forgive me
A great book that never ends
Someone to pay me to blog
A house on the water in Seattle
My bookstore
Friends that never leave
Lazy sex on a rainy Sunday morning
Breakfast in bed
The pain to fade
To go camping in the woods, or on the beach
To dance around a bonfire
To not be broken any more

“And there’s a sea full of faces
And a show to go on
But I’m struck mute at entrance
With nothing to draw from”

In comments: what do you want?


His Sinfulness said...

And it might be, that none of those things will happen, and your life can be a great one anyway...


Susan said...


I do too.

WNG said...

HSBP: Really, if we could just get Aaron Sorkin writing TV shows again all will be right with the world :)

Susan: I know you do. I want them for both of us.

Susan said...

I wrote a blog inspired by you today, wng.

I want my rooms (and closets) clean.

WNG said...

Sus: You like me! You really like me! (umm, maybe I should read it before I get all giddy?!)

Susan said...

As if I'd have anything bad to say about you!

(it is, afterall, Friday. I have nothing bad to say in general)

WNG said...

Well then, TGIF! Even though I have to work tomorrow (boo! hiss!).