Thursday, September 6

It's Not My Fault

I mean, obviously! Since when has anything EVER been my fault. Papa and Mama G can attest to that fact. So this is how it went down: I was drinking my coffee, catching up on my favorite blogs that I haven’t read in a while (hot coffee coming out of your nose is NOT fun, by the way…thanks so much for that Capt.Smack) and generally enjoying my morning when I saw IT.
It was an unassuming little thing, this button that means so much to me. What do you say when you find the one button that makes your blog complete? How can you explain that you have been waiting your entire life for something, never knowing what it was until you finally see it on Guilty With An Explanation. It’s a blame button minions! Let the fun begin!!!

Now, how do I narrow it down? There are no rules in the blame game thus far that I know of, so I’m going to make some of my own. I will blame three people I have reason to believe actually read my blog and three that I know don’t/can’t/wouldn’t if their lives depended on it. Enjoy.

I blame Meno for the jealousy I feel each time I read her page. The pictures alone are enough to make me green. You really have to lower your standards woman!

I blame Pater Major and Flynn for my new addiction to the BV Trinities. They are too adorable to be so disturbed! I cannot fight the combination, it’s saps my non-existent willpower, so cut it out!

I blame Mist for deciding that living a life was more important than blogging about one. That’s crap. Oh, and then she pops into my blog and says hi and I get all excited and run over to hers and…nothing. No one home. Tease.

OK- Blame Part Deux

I blame Brett Favre for the dream I had last night… sigh…

I blame Mama G for my addiction to Suzanne Brockman novels (there’s a new one out now!)

I blame Capt Smack for the hot coffee shooting through my nose this morning. NOT funny, NOT sexy, NOT COMFORTABLE!!! No one should be that amusing that early.

So, there you have it. If you didn’t get blamed this time, don’t worry. I know what you did and I will blame you for it at some point. Remember, pointing the finger is fine, but if you swing it my way I’ll snap it like a twig and shove it up your nose.
Have a Happy Day!


Susan said...

I feel it my duty to point out the old "if you point one finger you have three pointed back at you".

That's right. That's me raining on your parade because I caught no blame.

However, you are quickly forgiven. So tell me about this dream...

WNG said...

Susan- I blame you for sooo many things that you just might require your own post! Can't tell you about the dream, this isn't a porn site! (Yes, it really was THAT good)

His Sinfulness said...

I have broad shoulders; bring on the blame!

meno said...

I understand that i was to blame for the movie Gigli as well. Now THAT hurts!

Fine, i can take it.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You'll snap it like a twig and shove it up my nose. Ooooh. That's cold.

I thought you used admirable restraint here. There are so many more people worthy of blame, but as you implied, you're saving it for another day, when they least expect it.

I love your ClustrMap. I can see my dot from here. Very cool. If you click on it, you'll see me typing.

mist1 said...

Hey, I'm just popping in to say "hi."