Thursday, September 27

The Streak

We are three weeks in to the regular football season and that means that we are three weeks in to the football pool in my office. So far, out of an average of 25 people each week I have been in third place, second place, and third again. V and I are two of the three women in the pool and she won the first week. Last week the other woman won. The men in our office are getting a little antsy. There was an impromptu mini conference in the hallway this morning about point spreads and evening up their picks.
They have tried to say my streak has been luck. They have tried to say that I don’t know anything about football. They don’t know how many Sundays of my girlhood were spent with my father on the couch watching game after game and asking (in the way of all children) why? I wanted to know why about everything and Papa G was just grateful to have someone to talk football with. End result- I am a real fan. I know what I’m talking about. I’m not an expert, by any means, but I’m not an idiot either.
V is a college football person, so sometimes she get tripped up on the differences in the rules, but she knows what she’s talking about too. We spend our Sunday afternoons in BlackFinn drinking beer and watching all the games at once.
The guys don’t know that we know what we’re doing, so they’re a little confused. I’d let them in on the secret, but I like that they’re confused.
My loyalty to the Packers and hatred of the Eagles, Steelers (and basically the state of Pennsylvania) may cloud my judgment. The bitterness of growing up with a Bills fan will always be with me (honestly, who can’t get it done in FOUR tries???). Mama G’s inability to watch a Patriots game will forever amuse me (she truly believes that she jinxes them when she watches, so she calls me during the games). Professional football has always been and will always be a big part of my life.
Just because the guys in the office don’t know that is no reason I can’t take their money…


His Sinfulness said...

I used to follow football quite closely, but since I no longer play myself, it has no interest for me anymore. I have been heard to say, "There's nothing more boring to me than a fight I'm not in..."

Enjoy your football pool, and Go Saints! (Seems the only appropriate team for a pontiff to pull for...)

WNG said...

Pater Major- you can pull for whichever team you want as long as it's not the Eagles, Steelers or Vikings. I personally think there should be a Black Vatican team...

Jay said...

I'm much more of a fan of college football than I am the NFL. But, the NFL is still pretty entertaining. I didn't grow up in and have never lived in a city with an NFL team so I don't have ONE TEAM that is my team.

But, growing up in Arkansas meant being a UofA fan, big time. The Hogs dominate here and it's futile to try to resist it. hahaha

I tried to start a football pool at a former job. Just $2 entry and we would pick games all year long and winner take all. I got a memo the next day telling me that gambling was illegal and against company policy and any pool would be grounds for termination! I guess they thought I was a bookie. LOL

My fantasy team sucks though. And there's nothing I can do about it. Either Larry Johnson is going to have to pick it up or I'm gonna finish near the bottom.

Has this comment been long enough?

WNG said...

Jay- I grew up in a city with tons of Major League sports and no real college football (NYC) so I've always had a team :) My thing with college football is that I get attached to players and I get pissy when they graduate. And then if they go to a team I don't like we have a whole other problem.

Our pool is $10 each and we divvy it up each week. Four of our managers are in it, so we aren't really worried about illegalities (not that we EVER were)

AS for your fantasy team- ouch! But it's still early-ish so, who knows? I'll cross my fingers for you.

Is this response long enough?

Mayren said...

Pro Ball?!???
WNG - Et Tu?
I am all about the College Ball.
I crave the team spirit and the Marching Bands at half time.
Pro Ball just seems lifeless to me.
However My two College Teams are doing stupendous!!!! I'll blog more on them next week i think.

WNG said...

Sorry Mayren, I just can't deal with the turnover. I get too invested in the players and then they're gone. I guess it's because I never went to a school with a football program.
Lifeless?! Go to Lambeau or Foxboro and then say that! We'll go together, I'll bring my cheesehead :)