Friday, September 28

World of G

This email, "The Terrible Twos" has been going around my office since last night. I'm in a bit of a mood today so I can't say that my answers were, but people seemed to like it and I'm too lazy to post anything else, so here you go.

Welcome to the WORLD OF G MEME!

1. Two names you go by: G and Goddess of the Universe

2. Two things you are wearing right now: Glasses and an invisible cape

3. Two things you want in a relationship: Simon West and Taye Diggs

4. Two of your favorite things to do: fly to Venice on the weekends and hang out at my winter place in Taos

5. Two things you want very badly at this moment: a shot of vodka and a massage

6. Two pets you have/had: Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton (both were released back into the wild unharmed, but tagged so they can be monitored)

7. Two things you did last night: Watched Grey’s Anatomy and wrote the great American novel

8. Two people that live in your house: Me and Vin Diesel (but don’t tell anyone)

9. Two people you talked to last: Brad and Angelina

10. Two things you're doing tomorrow: I could tell you, but then a CIA wet team would have to kill you

11. Two longest car rides: on the run from the law in 97 SC-Venezuela/ on 'business' in 2002 Miami to Vancouver

12. Two of your favorite holidays: My Birthday and Valentine’s Day (I embrace the pain)

13. Two favorite beverages: Alcohol with mixers, alcohol without mixers


Jay said...

I love the alcohol with and without mixers. I agree. Actually I prefer without usually.

I'll have a shot of vodka for you right now.

Feel better? ;-)

WNG said...

I prefer whatever I don't have to pay for. And if that could be ice cold vodka or a nice bourbon with a splash, all the better!

Thirsty now. Have to go...

His Sinfulness said...

Taye Diggs? Seriously? TAYE DIGGS?!

Did you see how badly he sucked in "Equilibrium"?

(Sorry. I have an irrational hatred of Mr. Diggs. I'm sure he's a lovely individual and you'll have a long happy life together. I'm going off to have some more DayQuil now.)

Susan said...

That's funny...I have Sam Elliot and Patrick Swayze circa Roadhouse in my house waiting for me right now.

WNG said...

Pater Major- You do know that having your father (even your spiritual one) hate your boyfriend will only make a girl wnat him more. Besides, he has the coolest wife EVER (with the exception of myself) and I've loved him ever since I saw him on B'Way in RENT lo these many years ago. Sorry :)

Susan- Interesting choices. Now I'm thinking about Sam Elliot's mustache in disturbing ways...


WAIT! This means you're back! YEA!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Love your answers, Goddess.

Watch out for those CIA wet teams, though. I hear they're pretty sick of following Jenna and Chelsea scat and might be looking for bigger game.

WNG said...

I'll keep that in mind Hearts! They can be a little uncontrollable...