Friday, October 26

Don't Bring Me Down

I’m scared.
I woke up this morning to the realization that last night I had filled the coffee maker (decaf…but still), filled the cereal bowl and set out my clothes. There was nothing for me to do but take a shower and get dressed.
Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was some of the most entertaining TV I’ve seen in a while. I don’t know if that means it was a really good episode or my life really sucks, but either way I had a great time watching it.
Then I fell asleep and actually had a pretty pain free night – or if I didn’t I slept through it.
It’s Friday which means I’m only a few hours away from not having to see The Evil Dead Bitch From Hell for two whole days!!!
AND I had a great idea for the next Bunny Story last night!
Problem now is, I’m happy. This can’t last. I know the world, well the World of G anyway, and I know that the day can’t stay this good.
But G, you say, what happened to ‘say yes to life’? Well, minions don’t ever quote me to me. I can be scared if I want to. Do you when my last good day was? No? Me neither – that’s how long ago it must have been.
Did I mention that I have season 4 of The L Word on DVD at home? I could completely be a Lesbian if I didn’t have to have sex with women. I’ve been waiting for this season to get here for-ev-er.
Now I can almost see the other shoe dangling on a thin thread above my head if I look up fast enough.
So, what’s up with my minions today?


Jay said...

Hey, for a minute there your G.W. Bush countdown clock showed all zeros! That would be enough to keep me happy for days! I thought maybe he had finally resigned out of embarrassment or something.

Just keep thinking positive thoughts. The day will fly by and then it will be the weekend!

NoRegrets said...

To remain happy takes a lot of hard work sometimes. Enjoy it coming easily. :-) And keep working to be happy.

WNG said...

I'm actually looking forward to working this weekend, Jay. Well, as much as anyone can look forward to that kind of thing. Jan 20, 2009 I will be drinking champagne all day, no matter who is elected, just b/c he'll be gone!!!

I'm trying NoR, I recognize this is a gift :)

Mayren said...

ARRGGGH i havn't gotten to watch my grey's anatomy or Ugly betty because i was up late making birthday cards for Friday. AARRRRGG!
I envy you since you've already seen them.

WNG said...

Don't worry Mayren, they are both worth the wait this week:)
So when it's my birthday do I get a handmade card?

Susan said...

I think I have the flu. I'm also seeing these weird glowing lines which can't be good. It might be a feewww too many drugs today--otc kind. Other than that, though, I'm good.

G. scout event at 4. God help me.

WNG said...

I'm not sure whether to wish it is the flu (so you're not high with the G scouts) or the drugs (so the G scouts don't get sick). Either way just keep repeating "It is almost the weekend" and see if that helps:)
I'll be thinking good thoughts and sending them your way, too!

His Sinfulness said...

So how was the weekend? (I'm a little behind on my blog reading...)