Wednesday, October 24

Ginteractive Storytelling

I need some answers, minions! In comments please list:
1. A Country
2. A US City
3. A type of transportation
4. A language
5. A Job Title
6. Something that has made you smile today.

You’ll soon come to understand the ways of the World of G. Well, as much as a beloved minion can, anyway. Get to typing!!!


NoRegrets said...

1. A Country: Liechtenstein
2. A US City: Brattleboro
3. A type of transportation: rickshaw
4. A language: Swahili
5. A Job Title: Administrative Assistant
6. Something that has made you smile today.: a book (do you need specifics or a quote?)

WNG said...

THANKS NoR!!! I'll have the second post up by 5 tonight :-) and you'll see!

Mayren said...

1. A Country - Italy
2. A US City - Burbank, CA
3. A type of transportation- Jet Blue aeroplane baby!
4. A language - Aramaic
5. A Job Title - archeologist
6. Something that has made you smile today. the WNG of course and
punkin contest over at Black Vatican Dot Com

WNG said...

You make me smile too Mayren :)

His Sinfulness said...

1. A country: Ickyuckastan - capital city Reallyreallybahd.

2. A US City: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

3. A type of transportation: pedal rikshaw.

4. A language: Esperanto.

5. A Job Title: Puppet Wrangler. (I used to always put that on my online profiles. Now I just put "Pontiff.")

6. Something that has made you smile today: The anti-saggin' law... (see my blog for details).

WNG said...

Oh Pater, you cut up! Thanks!!!

Jay said...

1. Argentina
2. Hannibal, Missouri
3. Segway
4. Gaelic
5. Porn Star
6. A puppy

WNG said...

Thanks for the help, Jay. I'll try and make this worth it :)

Blonde Ambition said...

1. Italy
2. Seattle?
3. Helicopter
4. The language of love
5. Makeup artist to the stars
6. Nannie sending me emails.

WNG said...

BA- I'll print these out for the next installment :)