Wednesday, October 3

Good Morning America - two days of crap

I don’t have cable. I have Netflix and an adult amount of patience, so I’m usually fine. It hurts during football season when I would love to have all of the ESPNs but no one ever said life was fair unless they were selling something.
I am a reasonable, intelligent adult who likes to watch the news in the mornings while I have breakfast and the decaf that passes for coffee in my house since my doctor started throwing around big words. I watch the local news and then I usually catch about half an hour of Good Morning America. I used to watch the Today show, but Meredith turns my stomach and decaf coffee is punishment enough for my sins. My choices are limited because I refuse to watch anything on Fox that they try to pass off as news and I don’t get CBS at all through some fluke of the airwaves.
Honestly, other than my lack of sports programming this has never bothered me. I like books. I’m all set for entertainment.
Now I know that this is a morning show and I expect the bits on the best hamburger recipe and the latest septuplets but yesterday and today GMA led with Britney Spears’ custody fight.
I’m confused. How is this news? What about this affects me, my family, my state, my country or the world we live in? How are they even justifying this to themselves? I understand that news directors across the country are feeling the pinch as stations try to take the news from a public service to a profit center. I generally cut them a break. This time, however, I have to call bullshit. My station choices are limited enough as it is. My free time is limited as well. When I turn on the news the least I expect is to have the lead story be actual news. Until someone can tell me by what standard whether Britney or K-Fed is a better parent is news I will remain one pissed off viewer. If there is one more morning of this I will be off morning news for good.


Susan said...

I don't watch tv at all in the morning. I've had the firm belief in forever that the best quality programming to come on is the Price Is Right. Being a working gal, though, it's no longer an option.

I like Ellen too. She amuses me.

I think there was supposed to be a point to this but I'm a little wound up and have to stay this way because it's a G.Scouts meeting today.

Yep, in your honor I shall call them "G." Scouts. Inside I'll giggle a little picturing them as your minions.

Jay said...

I used to watch the Today show some, but just can't anymore. I totally agree about Meredeth. She's just awful.

I'm pretty sure I'd die without cable and my ESPNs. I don't watch any of their pathetic "original" programming, but I'm such a huge fan of college football I have to have ESPN.

You can see some college AND pro games online at this site here:

Also a decent amount of EPL and Euro Football (soccer)

I don't watch a lot of network TV, but there are a few shows that I'm liking.

Oh and Turner Classic Movies is an awesome channel too.

WNG said...

Susan- I was a G Scout until I graduated from high school, and then I worked at a G Scout camp for a couple of and I can tell you that they ARE my minions!

Jay- thanks for the link! It's amazing what you can live with. I went from digital cable with a DVR and all sorts of goodies, to four channels. Like I said, I'm ok with that (God made sports bars for a reason)I just need someone to bash in the head of the news director at GMA.

Mayren said...

The news of Britney is way overdone and huge. a few have even setup a suicide countdown and compare her spin out to Marilyn Monroe. It's all too much in my opinion.
Your local news has become crap I agree. I expect to see crap like that but I live in LA county. We have to weed through our news to not land on some celebrity piece.

Might i suggest

WNG said...

I have given up on the news altogether, which is sad because I've been watching the local and national news since I was in middle school. Now I'm getting my news from and
It's sad.