Tuesday, October 16

Gut Feelings

I have been put on a diet by Dr. G. He has cut my caffeine, limited my salt and sugar and doubled my calcium and fiber intake among other annoying things ( He tried to take away my Ben and Jerry’s which almost led to bloodshed, but ended in compromise) . He’s a Gastroenterologist so you’d think that he’d be trying to cut me open or snake something through my intestines or at least give me a pill or something, but no- he’s put me on a diet. Only he doesn’t call it that. He’s says to me, “Oh Great and Mighty G, we need to change the way you eat.” Ok, so it was more along the lines of being thoroughly exasperated that I hadn’t done what he told me to do the first two times I’d come into his office. Apparently my immune system and GI tract are not playing nice. What I need to do is scrub the thing clean and help them become friends again. This means I need certain nutrients more than others. Basically my choices are get on the diet and stay on it or go through some torturous unpleasant medical procedures. So I’m on the diet. I’ve been doing it for about a week now and I’ve started to figure some things out- the first being that it really isn’t that hard to change the way you eat. Instead of looking at calories and fat content on the labels of boxes I’m looking for calcium, antioxidants, fiber and magnesium content. I went online and looked up which foods have the highest levels of these (did you know that nuts have calcium? Me neither.) Then I just started paying more attention to what I buy. There’s a soymilk that has calcium, fiber, protein and magnesium. There’s pasta that has fiber, Omega 3’s and antioxidants. There are plenty of veggies I was already friends with that have all kinds of goodness in them. Spinach is basically a wonder food. Who knew? Well, Popeye, obviously.
N. E. WAY!
Let me walk slowly backwards from the soapbox I was approaching and sum up with this: How about instead of all of these crazy diets that I see people yo yo on and all of these crazy powders and supplements that people pay millions each year for we make a change. Why don’t we all stop counting calories and start counting vitamins and minerals? Why don’t we start planning our meals based around what our body needs? You know what will happen then- people will lose weight. They will probably end up cutting calories and fat as well, but at the very least they will know that everything that goes in to their bodies will be something they can use. (Oops! Might have tripped and fallen onto the soapbox there, sorry).
I’m on this diet with strict levels of nutrients I need to hit each day for the next 6 weeks. Then we’ll reevaluate and I’ll probably be turned loose with an admonition to “stop eating stupid”. This is something Dr. G has said to me two times before…hopefully this time it will stick.
On another note: Am I the only Heroes fan bothered by the fact that Kristen Bell is joining the cast? I’ve never seen her act in anything where she wasn’t snarky, which makes me think it’s a personality trait and worry about her character on the show. We don’t need snarky. I am not happy about this, minions, not at all.


Susan said...

I fully agree with the snarky worries. Fully.

How can I make my fritos I'm currently eating fit into this plan.hrrmmm..

Mayren said...

havn't watched last nites episode of Heroes yet.... i'm dreading it.

WNG said...

Susan- the same way I make my Ben and Jerry's work- just don't go crazy with it :)


Mayren- last night's episode was awesome- as usual.

His Sinfulness said...

Please G, help me see the Heroes light. I just couldn't handle the pacing; seriously, evolution moved more quickly than the first season. is there some compelling thingy that I am missing about this show?

Good luck on the diet front. I am hopelessly frustrated with my eating habits. I keep hearing that nutrition prof I had back in the 80s saying, "remember, the first three letters of 'diet' spell 'die'..."

Jay said...

I haven't seen a single episode of Heroes. They put it on opposite MNF which means it's dead to me. LOL

Actually, I just wasn't interested in it and then when everybody starting talking about how good it was, I was already behind. Someday I'll get the DVDs through NetFlix and give it a try.

I'm not sure how having Kristin Bell around could be a bad thing.

I make a conscious effort to make sure I get enough veggies and good stuff like that. Spinach is great if it's fresh. I hate the canned stuff. Yukky!

WNG said...

Pater- I'll write you a Heroes tutorial. I'm the master at getting people hooked on shows:)
On the diet front- I'm not trying to lose weight - I'm trying to stop getting sick, but I think if the people who were trying to lose weight focused more on general health they'd have a better chance.

Kristin- You just think she's hot, so you're biased. Just because her show ran into the ground doesn't mean she should jump onto mine!
Spinach- Sometimes frozen, but NEVER canned, double yukky!!!
Heroes- Is awesome and I'll convert you too!!!