Tuesday, October 23

Let's Get It Started...or Get Retarded...whatever

They say that sometimes when you don’t know what to write you just have to start writing anyway. Professionals that I have heard interviewed have said that even when they feel they have nothing they will sit down and type, sometimes gibberish, until the ideas start to flow. It’s another version of ‘use it or lose it’, I suppose.
Well, what happens when you have the opposite problem? I have plenty of tiny snippets of musings and wonderings running through my head and nothing tangible enough to put together before you, my minions, to feast on.
There’s bit of a Bunny story in there (I think she has a sister, Hunny, who is a stripper and a spy).
We have GOT to get Veronica Mars-Bars off of Heroes. I’m not kidding, minions, I will not have that woman ruining my show.
I haven’t had any fun in too long and I’ve been trying to think how to fix that. The thing is, the harder you have to think about it, the less fun it is. (True for so many things)
There are people on this planet who waste the oxygen they breathe and one of them works in my office. The fact that she is still alive is a testament to my awesome will power.
Killing people is bad… Every life is sacred…blah, blah, blah – but I really can’t stand that woman.
I now have three charities that I’m trying to help and still no money. What the hell was I thinking???
I thought that the point of following your doctor’s orders was that you were supposed to feel better? I’ve been feeling pretty steadily worse. Maybe I should have done more than glance at those diplomas on his wall.
If more people are going to join the football pool they need to be people who suck. I’m just saying…
I know that bad things happen to everyone. Do I just notice it more when they happen to good people?
I want to get in Pookie the Wonder Jetta, turn up the radio and just drive for a couple hours. I think I’d feel too guilty about the wasted gas to do it though.
Maybe I am insane. It’s possible.


Mayren said...

i havn't watched last nites Heroes yet. (class on Mondays is ruining my TV) -
I was hoping that the Whatsherface Bell thing was a really bad dream and just poof go away.
I'm sad to hear she really is in the show. dammit
Where's my petition to sign her off?

WNG said...

Should we start one? I think we should!!! Ooo and Mayren, you should check out the comments over on the new BV post...

Jay said...

Where does all the Kristin Bell hate come from? I think she's cute. ;-)

Be careful, doctors will make you sick if you let them. LOL

WNG said...

She can be cute all she wants, but she doesn't get to bring her crappy, snarky acting to my show. I do however, wish you two a long life together with lots of whipped cream :)

Susan said...

I'm going to attempt responding to all the snipits. This should be entertaining:
I definately want a Hunny story. I so enjoyed the Bunny storry.
I FULLY agree with her needing to get off Heroes (and no, not off on). The whole "well, I killed him" thing last night was like BLAAHHHHH.
Get naked. Everything seems a bit more fun naked.
Dude, if we start talking about wasted oxygen in office spaces I've got a list of about 10 of them.
You have the will power of an awesomeeee woman.
Blah blah is fully correct.
You were trying to make the world a better place.
It may improve. Give it time.
I've lost on the football pool I normally play on thus I'm done. d-u-n-n duuuuuuuuuuun
It's easier to notice the bad things happening to good people because you feel bad for them. When it happens to bad people a part of you is just happy.
I say go drive, dear, go..drive.
In the words of billy joel: "you may be right, I may be crazy, but it just may be a lunatic you're looking for.."

Whew. Hope that clears everything up.

WNG said...

I hope you know that you are one of the coolest people I have nave met. Thanks for being...well... Susan.

Blonde Ambition said...

We need to find fun free stuff to do. I will find stuff. I WILL.

PS- I agree about the football pool. I really havent even stood a chance in the last couple of weeks. I am giving people I don't know $10. BLAH.

WNG said...

This would be so much easier if it was summer,BA, We could just go to the beach.
We need to figure out a way to get the really good people out of our football pool... rumours, innuendo, poison?