Wednesday, October 31

A More Congenial Spot For Happily Ever Aftering

If my life were a Broadway musical something hilarious would happen soon. There would be a plot twist both romantic and completely unrealistic and probably a snappy dance number as well. I could really use a snappy dance number.
Last night I put in some hours at the children’s hospital after work. The place works miracles. I was tired and in pain and suddenly I was sitting next to an incubator with a tiny hand wrapped around mine and I didn’t care anymore. My pain didn’t hurt and my exhaustion wasn’t that tiring.
Then I went home, fell into bed and watched Bones and House and most of Boston Legal before I passed out. I was lying there during a commercial break and thinking about the simple and the entertaining. The things I really enjoy in this world seem to be things which remove me from it. With the babies I am wrapped up in all the possibilities in their lives (and focused on not dropping them). I love books, movies, tv, theatre, music and art not only for their aesthetic value but also for the escape they offer. Please, I say, make me forget, for just a little while, take me away.
For years I was an active part of the theatre community. I was a student, an apprentice, a technician, actor and manager. I loved many things about it, but one of the best was the feeling of creating another world and of carrying an audience away with you. “Words, when spoken aloud for the sake of performance are music and music has the power to lift us and move us and change us in ways literal meaning can’t.” Aaron Sorkin wrote that. He understands the power of a great speech, or a great song. Of escape.
I’m going to spend today listening to Camelot and Man of La Mancha because I want to be transported and because today there is one less person in the world who understands the gift and the power that is the music of the word.
Rest In Peace Robert



Susan said...

Can you not get involved again?

If my life were a musical it'd be pimpernel. I don't know why my life would be set in the smaller French revolution but yeah..I think it would. Maybe I just really liked seeing it on Broadway.

Honestly, my life is so odd I can see it being set to the rocky horror picture show.


WNG said...

Right now I think it would be something dark and funny, like Sweeney Todd.

I probably could get involved again if I really wanted to carve out the time but I love sleep too much.

NoRegrets said...

I didn't realize he had died. Poor guy, waiting for a lung transplant.

WNG said...

And so continues my love/hate relationship with the morning news.

Jay said...

TV, books, movies and sports are great for escaping the real world for a while.

I saw Camelot, but not with Robert Goulet, unfortunately. It was some scrub standing in for him. Still it was pretty good.

The CEO said...

I saw Goulet in Camelot, and he was fantastic. And I also saw him in summer stock in Baltimore when I lived there. He had an amazing voice.

I saw my first play when I was 8, and visiting my aunt in Brooklyn, NY. I went to the playground, supposedly, and got on the subway, went to Manhattan, bought a matinée ticket to a musical called Tenderloin, and got hooked.

If you get back into the theater, you'll get more energy, and be a lot happier I suspect.

WNG said...

Jay - especially when Brett is throwing 82 yard touchdowns! OK, I'm going to stop rubbing it in now.

CEO- I never got to see him live, only on the tapes of broadway shows that used to come on PBS. I do have all of his cast recordings though.
I don't know about your suggestion. The only way I'd be able to do it is if I gave up the children's hospital or cut back my time there VERY severely.

The CEO said...

I suspect you get too much from the Children's Hospital to give it up. You'll find a way to be happy. Have a good day, I'm off to work, I call it play.

WNG said...

I'll figure it out. I'm out of here next August anyway, so I might end up just breathing my way through it. What I really need are three or four more hours in each day :)
Yea for you! My goal is a job I feel that way about.

His Sinfulness said...

If my life was a musical I'd hope it was "Oh! Calcutta!" Who doesn't enjoy a little full frontal from time to time?

WNG said...

No comment. Really, REALLY no comment.