Thursday, November 15


I'm leaving tonight for Chucktown and Mama G's Birthday Extravaganza and of course I'll keep you updated on the debauched fun as much as I can. Look for my Dateline:Chucktown blogs coming soon. In the meantime I couldn't leave my minions with nothing to read for four days so...
In Honor Of The First Anniversary Of The World of G Blog I Present The Top Gen!
(There are 12 mos in a year and 10 is spelled with a T... so what? Here are eleven of my favorite blogs (for a variety of reasons) posted for your reading pleasure!)

What Kind of Weekend Has it Been, Nov 20, 2006

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My Birthday Month, March 31, 2007

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Gastronomirony, May 22, 2007

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And Cheese, August 3, 2007

Zoom In On My Empty Wallet, September 11, 2007


Susan said...

A couple of things: I can't believe I never commented on this blog until when I started commenting. Crrraazy. Also, it's not a va-wv connection, we are just that cool.

I hope your trip goes well! I'm off to Gatlinburg this weekend. Yay!!

WNG said...

Yes Susan, we ARE just that cool. Chucktown and Gatlinburg are is some serious trouble! Have a great time sweetie. We can compare notes when we get back :)

Jay said...

Happy blogiversay!

Have a fun time at the birthday extravaganza.

WNG said...

Oh I will, Jay. I will.