Friday, November 30

Can You Believe

I have no voice today. I lost it last night screaming at the top of my lungs at a sports bar while my GB Packers lost. I have some issues here, people:

Mike McCarthy (as I have said here before) needs to just give me his job unless he’s going to grow some balls…and brains. I’m sorry; I really don’t want to be rude but DUDE, COME ON! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

There are soooooo many reasons why I hate, loathe and detest Dallas Crapboys fans but this epitomizes their problem: when Brett was injured last night what was heard from the Crapboys fans were cheers and one ass kept going on and on about how Favre got what he deserved and that was the end of his season. Who deserves to get hurt? What the hell is wrong with these people?

There are two kinds of fans in the world: real fans and buzz fans. I am a real fan. Real fans love you even when you are the worst in the league. Real fans know their history and the names of more than just the marquee players. Right now Miami is finding out who their real fans are. My question is this: where have all you Dallas fans been since 1992?

I would like to see the Packer defense in my office this afternoon to have a nice long talk about why they should get paid if they aren’t going to work. I love you boys, you’re better than this, step it up!

One last thing: T.O. did not have control of the ball! You are watching this shit on a high def big screen how could you not see that? When the ball is bobbling in a player’s hands that is not control!

Brett will be ok. My Pack will be ok and long after this game is nothing more than stats in the history books Dallas fans will still be assholes (especially little man who followed me out into the parking lot cursing at me). Watch out Raiders fans, you’ve got competition.


Susan said...

I'm a Cubs fan. I have been since 1981 (aka birth) and will be until my last days on this earth. That should tell what kind of fan I am.

WNG said...

Real fans unite!

NoRegrets said...

Grrr... At least you were able to WATCH it! Some of us don't have cable and it's just not the American way to have to pay to watch it on TV, dammit.

Jay said...

My website that I was going to watch the game on crapped out last night so I didn't get to watch it online. I wasn't very happy about this. I don't know if they just couldn't handle the traffic or if too many people blabbed about the site on the net and the NFL shut them down. The NFL is kind of like the KGB ya know. LOL

I bet those people cheering Brett's injury would have a different opinion if somebody put a helmet square on TOs knee. Not that I would advocate anyone doing something like that. ;-)

His Sinfulness said...

I have made a complete recovery from sports fandom, and now game day is just another Sunday for me. The only sports I really get excited about anymore are those that I personally play.

I do envy, however, the fact that you guys can chat about your sport and people around you know what you're talking about. Imagine trying to talk about badminton or handball in your local sports bar...

WNG said...

I had to watch it at a bar, NoR, b/c it was only on the NFL channel. Hell is not 'other people' it's Dallas fans.

I'd like to see his helmet pop off and take one of those earrings with it just once. Who the hell wears earrings to play football?

Pater - I love my boys, I don't want to recover, just be left in peace to love them. I heard guys in a Georgetown sports bar talking about squash once. I giggled.

NoRegrets said...

And you know, DUH to me, I could have gone to a bar too. Ugh. So stupid.

WNG said...

It's ok sweetie - we'll kick some Raider ass next week, no worries, no regrets.

Yeah, bad pun, I know...sorry.

The CEO said...

I have to tell you that posts like this one are why you win awards, at least as far as I'm concerned. I root for the Washington Redskins and for whoever is playing against Dallas. I used to root for the Baltimore Colts, having grown up in Baltimore, but I have rooted against the Irsay Family since they stole the Colts out of Baltimore in 1984 when I became a totally committed Redskin fan.

I was a quarterback in high school when football was invented, so my wife has always rooted for quarterbacks. She has loved Brett Farve for his drive, his persistence, and his skill.

Last, no one who has played in athletics actually wants an opponent to get hurt and removed. Every player knows it could be them next, and hopes it never happens. I have contempt for anyone that roots for a player to be removed because of an injury.

remorji said...

Seattle fans nice but loud. Hope your pack can bounce back.

WNG said...

CEO - thanks (blushing) I work in an office with Redskins fans, you guys are fun :) I love Brett for ten million reasons, a lot of which are how much he loves the game and how much joy he gets from being on that field. Wow look! There's cheese dripping down my screen right now!
Little man was drunk and, well, little, but that's no excuse. I was tempted to shove him onto an island to rot. Talk about crossing the line!

Remorji - Seattle is my backup, backup team :) Nice but loud works for me. Rude but loud works for me too, this is football after all - cruel and ignorant doesn't work for me at all.
I'm with you on the bounce - keep you fingers crossed, ok?