Friday, November 16

Dateline: Chucktown...part one

I left my house at the ass crack of middle of the night (aka 4:40 something am) and rolled onto Papa G's island just before noon. Why the man can't live in the city like everyone else I do not know.
I rang the bell, I knocked...I walked to the back door and knocked again. As I was calling the house line and listening to it ring in stereo I started to get worried. I had a flash of Papa G paralyzed from a stroke lying on the floor listening to me stomp around outside and curse him roundly as he died. Not fun. I called Mama G who told me to calm down and reminded me that this is how he is. True. True but not exactly helpful.
The third time I called his cell phone he picked up. He was downtown. He had just gotten out of court (property stuff - he didn't pull a Vick or OJ or anything like that). Did I want to come back down and meet him for lunch?
Hmmm... Did I want to get BACK into Pookie after driving a little over 440 miles and drive another half hour BACK THE WAY I HAD COME to have some lunch with him. Well, he wasn't dead, so why not. I hung up sat in my car and sobbed for a couple minutes out of sheer relief then went and had some lunch.
I am now safely ensconced at Mama G's getting some rest before we go out for dinner and part one of the Mama G Birthday Extravaganza.
Updates to follow...

In comments: something fun for me to read tonight when I'm wasted. Thanks!


Jay said...

Parents just don't know how they can scare us like that. haha

For fun while wasted go to and read all the silly headlines that people come up with and the comment forums with each story. Lots of really funny and crazy people there.

EsLocura said...

my little tribute to parents, my parents both had sick and twisted sense of humors, once when I was busy and stressed about school and work and at my wits end, I came home to find them both in the kitchen with their pants around their ankles ...ewww both of them standing there in their underpants, laughing hysterically ... I think I am still traumatized but it was damn funny.

WNG said...

Jay - I'm Waaaaaaaaaay too tired to waste any time. Just wanted something to do while I drink my tea - but I'll remember it for next time.

Es- we ended up having choclate for dessert at lunch and we all know chocolate prevents permanent scarring, so I'm ok. That really does explain some things about you though :)