Tuesday, November 20

I'm not dead, just floating

The theory is that by drinking water as hot as you can stand it you’re killing the germs living in your throat. I have no idea if this is the case. Whenever I get sick and take something for the symptoms I always end up being sick what feels like for…ev…er. This is probably because I don’t change my schedule or really push fluids because I don’t feel sick. DayQuil and Tylenol lie to me. NyQuil also keeps me awake for some reason. There are times when my body has a wicked sense of humour.
So this time I decided to try and get better instead of just feeling better. I’ve got an insulated coffee cup filled with hot water, slices of ginger root and honey that I am sipping on constantly. I have my Zicam and Cold-Eeze, both of which have promised to shorten the length and severity of my cold and last night I found the Holy Grail of Soups in the back of my freezer. This is some good stuff:
Collard greens
Red Peppers
Green Peppers
(with rosemary, thyme, sage and whatever else I happened to have around that day)
** My secret ingredient: Tabasco
It’s basically a vitamin in a bowl. The hot sauce is there both to wake up your nose and to help warm you up. It works. The next time you have a cold, try it in whatever your favorite soup is.
I’m now in day two of my fight against the Evil Virus and I think I’m holding my own. I’m feeling slightly better and looking forward to lying down again as soon as humanly possible.


Susan said...

I'm not sick but I look forward to lying down. I think I'm struck with a case of the lazies.

WNG said...

I would pay someone all the money in my bank account to just let me go home and go to sleep right now. It's a sick/lazy double whammy.

Jay said...

That's a pretty impressive soup there!

NyQuil keeps you awake? WOW! That's the only thing that can put me to sleep. All other meds, including sleep meds, keep me awake.

EsLocura said...

that soup should do the job, I am going to sleep soon, I have a nasty headache that just will not go away!

WNG said...

I'm a puzzle, Jay. Jigsaw baby - it's how I roll.
Hmm... maybe all the zinc is getting to me...

The soup is industrial strength, Es,which is why I freeze some each time I make it,for emergencies. I wish I could send some to PR. Get some rest :(

NoRegrets said...

But drink regular water too! Hot tea you can't get enough down.

WNG said...

Thaks NoR - I'm alternating, don't worry. I think it's working. Oh yeah, I also have a mantra:
You will not be sick for the fucking reunion. You.Will.Not!

then I usually sneeze...

I am not Star Jones said...

the Tabasco should do the trick!
feel better!

WNG said...

Wow! Look who was here - YEA! I'm actually feeling much, much better, thanks everyone. Thanks Star for dropping by!