Wednesday, November 7

Sympathy For The Devil

“I have a position open on my penis.”
If you didn’t watch House last night you won’t understand why I am laughing almost to the point of hysteria every time I think of that sentence. It wasn’t just what he said, but the way he said it, where he said it and who he said it to. It was the entire House package. So far my day has bit supreme ass and blown harder than a fucking hurricane, but I think of that line and I crack up. Maybe I should be offended, but I just can’t get there through the laughter.
AND it looks like Michael Michele is joining the cast (at least for a while) so now there are four ‘obvious minorities’ on the show (another phrase that should probably piss me off on some level that doesn't). At this rate they might approach something close to racial diversity by the end of the season. I’ll keep you updated. Now go to and watch the episode.


Susan said...

I am in Chicago. I managed to catch bones but not house. It seems I missed a good one.

WNG said...

Yea for Chicago and Yea for Bones!!! So - what are you going to bring me back?

NoRegrets said...

What, you caught a boner?

WNG said...

NoR, I really don't know what to say to that... Bones the TV show!!!