Monday, December 3

All I want for Christmas

I cheat. Sometimes I'll have a blog idea or just need to get something out so I'll write it and save it. Then, when I have a day when I can't write I'll pull it out and post it. I was just going to direct you all over to the Unemployment Cafe because someone over there has been reading my mind and posting it (Big Sister is watching you) but then I found this little nuggets and I thought, what the hell? So, here you go. It's a rough cut, but I mean every word.

I’ve been posting/writing/thinking a lot about giving and receiving lately. It’s a difficult topic to avoid this time of year unless you somehow manage to live a media free existence. My focus has been on gifts for my family and community and I really haven’t thought much about what I want for myself. I realized just now that I don’t want anything.
Let me rephrase, I don’t want anything that anyone could buy me. * If you want to buy me a bookstore I am FINE with that.* What I want most is change. I am changing my life radically yet unlike most radical change it is coming slowly, sometimes painstakingly. I am working to affect my little World of G and make it a better place, but am getting more than a little pissed that others seem content to sit back and whine about it. I am being driven even more insane by the people who don’t even seem to notice or care about the problems in our world and are instead focused on what will be under the tree this year. With those facts in mind minions, I present to you G’s Christmas List, 2007 Edition.
authors note (my obsessive heart will always make room for anything West Wing, GB Packer or U2 related…I’m just sayin’…)

Take ten minutes out of one day to look up 5 things you can change in your daily life that would help the environment and do them? How hard is it to switch light bulbs, really?

I would like to somehow get the message heard that each of us is responsible for every child we come across; the gangbanging teen on the street corner and the screeching baby in the restaurant. If something in your life isn’t actively working to help the generation behind you then you are honestly just taking up space. Please get out of the way.

Maybe if we demanded honesty and substance from our media we could ask the same from our politicians? Just an idea…

The men and women in our military are willing to die for each and every one of us at the request of the people WE elect. Each death is on our hands. It’s time for some honesty.

Why are we the only major industrialized nation on the planet who won’t allow Gays and Lesbians to serve openly in our military? Look it up.

People who want to work come in through the southern border, people who want to blow things up come in through the northern one. Pass it on.

Make a list of the top five things you would like to see change in the world. Dream big. Now – as a present to me spend one hour researching them online (because I guarantee you someone, somewhere is already on it). Then spend one hour a month helping. It really is that easy.

People keep talking about how complicated the problems facing our world are. They can be. OR they can be as simple as getting off of your ass and doing something. Learn about something, help someone. Help one damn person and maybe I’ll take your pontificating a little more seriously. (That was not a crack at the BV) Above all I would like to see the death of apathy this Holiday season. I honestly don’t care what you care about – as long as you care about SOMEthing and are willing to do something about it. The easiest way to start a movement; START MOVING.


Jay said...

A lot of interesting things to think about there.

I've already changed every light bulb over to the more energy efficient ones. *pats self on back*

WNG said...

Pat away Jay :) I know that the little things are just that, but if we all did them...

Susan said...

Now I'm going to have to return that pony I got you.

All kidding aside, I dream bigger and bigger each day. In my own ways, I know I'm making the world a better place.

His Sinfulness said...


My field of study right now (Sociology) tends to focus on how people suck rather than on ways that they are making things better, so I have gotten a bit bogged down in it lately. This is a good reminder to look for ways to create positive change. Thanks!

WNG said...

Susan- now I'll think of you every time I see that Verizon commercial with the pony! PS you need to let me know where you want me to send your bear :) I know you are too - you give your time and your heart. Can't ask for more (and you've got G Scouts!)

Pater - I'm having a truly shitty day and I needed a reminder myself. Glad you liked it.