Wednesday, December 26

Go Home Now!!!

Here's the thing, minions. Every single thing in the world is on sale. Go shopping, have some fun! (seriously - three pairs of new shoes at 50% off can change your outlook on life)
Your friends and family would LOVE to come over for dinner tonight. You should go home right now. I know, I know, you can't all do that. I get it. But tonight, when you go home take a second to call someone just to say hi. Make plans to go out with someone who is away from their loved ones. Invite people over to watch a movie. Snuggle with your pets.
I get to spend this evening with my family. We're having a little party at Mama G's house and I am so excited! I wish the same for all of you: family, friends and never ending holidays.


Jay said...

Sounds to me like you are having a really good time this Christmas with your family. That's awesome!

Now I think I'll call my grandmother since I couldn't yesterday since she wasn't home.

Susan said...

This made me smile. It also made me seriously want to go home and not come back from lunch. Tonight I sort of have plans though so I guess I'd better stay here while I still can muster up the energy.

WNG said...

Jay - I'm having a super fabulous time (not getting any sleep at all, but who cares?) Have a nice chat!

Susan- "You get an extra 30% off of the sale price when you vuy two pairs of boots." Who can resist that? I know I'm a bad influence, but you really need to get out of that office!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

This is all excellent advice, especially the part about the shoes at 50% off, I mean, inviting someone out who is alone.

It's really hard not to be shallow sometimes.

Continue to enjoy your holidays, Wng, and let the merriment never stop.

James Burnett said...

Good exhortation, WNG. Mrs. B and I didn't have family in town for the holidays, but we did make it a point to invite over some other folks who were far away from their families too. Made our own little temporary fam, and we had a great time!