Wednesday, December 5

Happy Birthday to ya', Happy Birthday!

Today is Papa G’s 79th birthday. We in the World of G are blessed and grateful to have ‘Fathead’ around. We’re planning a blowout for next year but for this year sincerity rules over hype and I just want to say that I love my dad. He is quite possibly one of the most complicated men to ever live on this planet and he has driven me to: throwing things, drinking, tears, new heights, hysterical laughter and places I never thought I’d have the guts to go.
His life has been pretty amazing. Name something world changing that took place in the states in the past 60 years and odds are he was there, on his way there, or had just left. So, for his birthday I bought Papa G a mini tape recorder and some tapes (I forgot the batteries, for which I will be teased for at least a year); we’re going to write his biography. Well, I’m going to write it, he’s going to talk it. I’m pretty excited about the project and cannot wait to get started. I’m just as ready to learn about him as to share him with all of you.
This will not be his first time being written about. Go to your local bookstore or library and get Does Anybody Give a Damn? There’s a chapter on him. Yes, I am bragging, but if you are interested in education, NYC, race or class issues it’s a good book. If you’re a fan of G it has just become required reading! I’ll wait until you’re done with that before I give you a list of articles.
I’m sure that over the next year (at least) there will be plenty of times where I question the sanity of this project and myself. I’m sure there will be fights and hurt feelings and amazing revelations. When I post about how the book will never get written and I want to give up will someone please remind me to read this post?
Today I am grateful that Papa G is mine, that he is here and that I have time with him.
I love you, Dad.


NoRegrets said...

that's such a great project! I really wish I had done that before my dad died, since I know he had many stories that we just never heard because we didn't ask.
I'll go out and find the book.

Jay said...

Happy Birthday to Pappa G!!!

That biography project is going to be really, REALLY cool!

I'll check with my library and see if they have that book.

WNG said...

I'm praying that 79 is not too late, NoR. We're planning a trip to Vegas for his 80th (he loves to say he's losing our inheritance).

I think so too Jay, interesting at the very least:)
Now Papa G will be even famouser!

His Sinfulness said...

That is a wonderful project, and a great way to really connect with your dad!
I'm somewhat jealous; I couldn't possibly biograph either of my parents. The revelations would be too damaging to my psyche. My mother already broke my brain two years ago with the story of her one night stand with an Elvis impersonator... what else might she be keeping from us?

WNG said...

Oh Good Lord. An Elvis impersonator? I know I should stop laughing...but I can't :) I'm going to try and stay away from the one nigt stand arena w/Papa G because I REALLY don't want to know.

Susan said...

How great!! Happy b-day Papa G. Thank goodness for you or there'd be no G to cheer me up!

WNG said...

He does understand that I am his greatest achievement. (The Sisters G were practice)

meno said...

Awww. Be sure you get to this project soon, as you never know.

My dad turned 81 this year, and sadly, he's not really all there anymore.

guerreiranigeriana said...

happy birthday to papa bear indeed!!...awesome project!!!...there is soooo much information our parents and elders in general hold that would help us better understand ourselves and the world...i salute you for taking on this project...i wish you nothing but success...will add you to my roll so i can keep tabs;)...

WNG said...

Meno - I'm on it! You're right and I am so sorry about your Dad.

Guerreira - He tells these stories at parties and conferences about amazing things he's seen or done and I think 'why didn't I know that?' So, I'm going to try and solve the Puzzle of Papa G! Welcome to my insanity, make yourself at home:)