Saturday, December 15

Ironic Irony

First let me say that I have the best minions in the internets. Thanks for your concern yesterday. I got about four hours of sleep last night and I'm feeling MUCH better. Hopefully I've turned the corner.
Things I shouldn't do when sleep deprived:
1. Email men I'm interested in.
2. Order food at drive thrus.
3. Try to have a conversation with my boss.
4. Speak.
5. Drive.
6. Dress myself.
7. Think.
8. Make decisions.
9. Flirt.
10. Leave my bed to go into the outside world.
I made a sleep deprived fool of myself but more on all of that later.

And here's the ironic irony of the day. Sometimes the universe completely has my back - I'm lovin' it!!!


The CEO said...

First, you have to know that you're smart. If you don't, I'm here to tell you now. It is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer.

On the other hand, four hours sleep is not enough. You need a full scale sleep study and you need to be tested for sleep apnea. Time is of the essence here.

Have a nice weekend!

WNG said...

CEO - I happen to be brilliant, but thanks :)
This happens to me about every three or four months - usually when there's something I don't want to deal with and I end up staying up all night reading a book or watching movies. Then I get sucked into a crappy pattern. Eventually I'll get myself over it. This weekend is all about resting for me, so don't worry too much. You are a sweetheart though and I hope you have a great weekend too!

Jay said...

Funny .. that's also the list of things a person shouldn't do when drunk. haha ;-)

Love that story about that crackpot "scientist".

WNG said...

Jay - went out drinking on Saturday night. It was a GREAT idea. Best cure for a hangover? The Packers winning and the Dallas Crapboys losing!!!

Susan said...

I've got to get some serious sleep. Like 3 days of sleep uninterrupted. I wonder what the chances are of that ever, ever happening..

WNG said...

1/100,000,000,000? Just a guess.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I haven't been sleeping either, but for me, that's kind of normal.

Your list of things not to do while sleep-deprived is a good one. The only thing I would add is

11. Anything.

I hope you work through the nightly torments and get the rest you need soon.

WNG said...

Me too Hearts, me too. Actually, I did get slightly more sleep each night this weekend, so I'm optimistic :)