Thursday, December 20

Is That Mistletoe in Your Pocket...

All I’m going to say about the Christmas Party is that I got exactly what I wanted. It was sweet and I’m still a little giggly, so we will move on.

Minions, when trying to decide whether to get the green or yellow GB Packers hat for G, do what the BPM did and get both! Yea for him!
Yea also, for the salesman who got me two gift cards to Outback (where the onions bloom year round).
Many yeas for the bartenders who know that the juice in a vodka drink is there merely for color.

Yea to the seven year old who had a brownie eating contest with me (I so totally won-it was NOT a tie)
Yea to Cinnylu who made her super garlic salsa today for all of the hangovers trying to run the office.
Super yea to whoever thought of this: Call this number to talk to Santa 713.331.9135
But the biggest yea of all is that V, BPM and I are going to Krush for dinner tonight. I can almost taste it now…
So, what kind of antics are my minions up to?


Jay said...

DETAILS! We want details!!! LOL ;-)

Glad you had a great time!

BTW, you're very beautiful!

Have a great time at dinner tonight!

EsLocura said...

OMG, that dress (and you) are simply fabulous! but I'm with Jay, I don't think I got enough details.

Flynn said...

Glad you had a good time!

The Flock had brownies this week too, they were super good. Go brownies!

Also, hawtness!

His Sinfulness said...

The dress is FAB! (I can't see the shoes, though... cute, no doubt, but I can't gush properly without seeing the shoes!)

On the issue of details, I think the public has spoken - now DISH, sister. :)

WNG said...

You guys are just WRONG! A lady never kisses and tells.

Thanks, for the hawtness remarks, my ego and I appreciate them. The shoes were knee high chocolate suede 4 inch heels (they matched the jacket), Pater. They're my favorites.

These were deep fried brownies, Flynn. Classy:)

Susan said...

Dude, I'm sorta a lady and I always tell! DETAILS woman.

:) Glad you got what you wanted.

WNG said...

You do not! Oooo how Susan lies! You tease with almost details. But whatever people.

If I did give you details it would be very disappointing now that you've built it all up. It was perfect and sweet first kiss and that is all you're getting out of me!

NoRegrets said...

Wow, great dress! And cleavage :-)
Glad you had a spectacular time. But, um, fried brownies??? I bet you'd eat fried twinkies too, wouldn't you?

Susan said...

Boy am I glad you mentioned the breasts, nor. I was going to bring it up but yeah...I practiced restraint.

And G, I try to not kick the blog into nc-17 ratings. If I were to go into details I'd have to make damned sure no children would stumble upon it. ;)

WNG said...

Thanks, NoR. It was Susan inspired cleavage :)
And no - I draw the line at fried brownies!

I know Susan, but my life just isn't that exciting, my details don't make it into the NC-17 range, more's the pity.

Mayren said...

you are such a cruel mistress to keep the details away from your eager readers. *le sigh*
I guess We will just have to accept the GORGEOUS pics of you being hawt and deal.
so shall it be.

WNG said...

Yea for people thinking I'm hawt!!!