Wednesday, December 19

Me I Want a Hula Hoop

Today is Office Christmas Party Day! There will be a cookout at lunch, presents all day long and then the party at 5:30. Free booze anyone? Come on over! Yes, they did buy a bottle of vodka just for the G. I am loved.
Since we haven’t really had time to, what with this that and the other thing (all of those being me being deserted by my best friend) let’s talk about the BPM. The Big Pharmaceutical Minion is a friend of V’s from high school. She’s been trying to hook us up since the summer. I wrote about him before, dedicated minions can do a BPM search since I’m too lazy to link. We had a huge fight the first night we met, then there was Joe and I just didn’t think about him as anything other than V’s friend and then mine after a while. I still don’t know exactly when things started to change. I’ve been obsessed lately with Alicia Keys new CD, As I Am, and I think maybe it’s turning me into the most dreaded of all things: a mushy, girlie girl. We went to dinner a couple of weeks ago and maybe it was the way he smiled at me or the fact that we talked and laughed so long that we closed down the restaurant that started to change my mind. I don’t know.
What I do know is that he’s coming to the Christmas party tonight and I am wearing a killer dress. (Yes Susan, that means cleavage) So think good thoughts for me tonight minions…or bad ones... either way this should be fun.


V said...

I am hoping for a Merry Christmas make out. Making out is fun.

WNG said...

Me too! As long as there are no cameras anywhere around!!!

Jay said...

"I’ve been obsessed lately with Alicia Keys..."

Me too! She's hot and she has mad talent!

You're gonna knock 'em dead at the party tonight. This dude better not mess this up!

WNG said...

Thanks Jay! I'm sure we'll be taking pictures, I'll post them tomorrow...if I'm not too hung over.
That album is the only thing I'm listening to right now. It has taken over my life, but I loooove it! Oh and so does Rolling Stone, it's on their top 50 of the year.

NoRegrets said...


WNG said...

Oh I will, NoR, did you not read the part about MY OWN PERSONAL VODKA BOTTLE? How could I not enjoy?

Mayren said...

knock 'em dead sweets! I need juicy details about the crumpled awesome dress left of the floor.
ok so sue me ... i live vicariously thru my single friend's lives, even though i'd
never want to go back to singledom

meno said...

You must use the power of the clevage for good, never for evil.

Sounds like you are going to do just that.

EsLocura said...

Iam thinking good bad thoughts and wishing you loads of fun, A perfect party dress always has cleavage ... good job.