Wednesday, January 9

It Takes Two

I love making new friends. You get to explore a whole new world through their eyes… or you just might get a Meme you’ve already done. Guerre over at In The Search sent this to me. The last time I did it I was kidding so this time I’ve decided to take it seriously, in honor of something or other. Don’t worry, I WILL be tagging people for this!!!

…(two names you go by)…
1. G

2. Best Daughter (it’s how I tagged myself in Papa G’s cell)

...(two things you are wearing right now)...
1. Mascara
2. New shoes

...(two things you would want (or have) in a relationship)..:
1. Trust
2. Passion

...(two of your favorite things to do)...:
1. Read
2. Laugh

...(two things you want very badly at the moment)...:
1. For the Packers to make it to the Super Bowl
2. For the phone to ring

...(two pets you had/have)...:
1. Maya
2. Cuervo

...(two people you think will fill this out)...:
1. Pater (he likes to steal from me)
2. Susan (because I beg pretty)

...(two things that you did last night)...:
1. bought fruit
2. ate fruit

...(two things you ate today)...:
1. cereal
2. soy milk

…(two people you last talked to)...:
1. Jamie
2. EJ

...(two things you're doing tomorrow)...:
1. going to work
2. watching Grey’s Anatomy

...(two longest car rides)...:
1. Columbia, SC to Santa Fe, NM
2. Charleston, SC to Plymouth, MA

...(two favorite holidays)...:
1. Mama G’s Birthday
2. My Birthday

...(two favorite beverages)...:
1. Coffee
2. Coffee with alcohol in it

…(two people no longer alive who you'd like to talk to)...:
1. Paternal Grandmother (never got to meet her)
2. Maternal Grandfather (miss his hugs)

Now it's your turn:

V (this is what you get for leaving me!!!)
No Regrets
Not Star Jones


Flynn said...

[pout] no link love for me... :P

Preview time
...(two favorite beverages)...:
1. Bawls
2. Bawls with RedBull

NoRegrets said...

Ack, I've been tagged... Thank you? :-) Will do later. Had something else to post today.

Jay said...

Ooooo .. I love getting tags by the babes! ;-)

Jay said...

tags = tagged

Preview is for losers. LOL ;-)

WNG said...

Sorry, Flynn, but as I recall SOMEONE asked for a tiny favor three million years ago and SOMEONE hasn't heard anything back about it so I just assumed that SOMEONE was too busy for memes.

Was that too subtle?

NoR - I know how you feel. I'm willing to wait for it!

Jay - you can has taggged or tags :)

guerreiranigeriana said... with alcohol in it?...the hell?!!...hahahaha...

His Sinfulness said...

I have this meme on the docket for a few days from now... :)

meno said...

My god! A tag for me, what fun. thanks.

Is there any reason to drink coffee w/out alcohol? I think not!

WNG said...

Guerre - the alkie choices are endless. I'll make that a post a few days from now...

Pater - YOU'RE IT!!! Ha HA! (That was me being mature.

Meno - You are super welcome. It's because you understand me (and the glory of alcohol and caffeine)

His Sinfulness said...

Ok - it's on my blog now. :)