Wednesday, January 23

leave the unsaid unspoken

I’m not going to talk about how the celebrity machine sucks talented people in, chews them up and spits them out onto sidewalks, hotel rooms, apartment floors.
I won’t compare him to River.
I’ll just say that this is sad.
It’s sad.


Susan said...

It's very, very sad. He ranked up there as one of my favorites.

NoRegrets said...

It is indeed very sad.

WNG said...

Susan - me too.

NoR- :(

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It's very sad. But not exactly like River Phoenix because Heath Ledger didn't have a problem with street drugs.

One way or another, though, celebrity destroys their young lives, and that's terribly wrong.

WNG said...

You know what's scary Hearts? What coke and heroin were to my older sisters' generation, prescription drugs are to mine. It's freaky what we're doing to ourselves. He was my age. It breaks my heart.