Saturday, January 5

Magical Flying Moron

Yeah, yeah I’m back. Stop the weeping and wailing and put away the damn hair shirts! They shed. I am NOT sweeping all this shit up.
So, where have I been? Good question.
There is something about Mama G’s house that makes me too to post. Maybe it’s the alcohol. I spent plenty of time driving out to the Island to see Papa G, but I’ll post on that drive later.
Mostly I spent time trying to figure out how to get through the next 10 months and get out of here without any of the self-sabotage I am famous for. What do I really want? What am I willing to do to get it? Why the hell am I thinking so hard when there is champagne in the kitchen? These are the questions one asks while lying on the futon in Mama G’s guest room and watching the massive projection screen TV.
Did you guys know that the History Channel beams crack directly into your brain? I’m not kidding, that shit is addictive. People usually freak when they find out that I don’t have cable but the only things I really miss are the History Channel and Comedy Central.
Mostly what the time in Chucktown taught me is that Mama G and I should never live together (which I already knew) and that Papa G and I each miss each other more than we can say out loud sometimes (which threw me for a minute). It was a good, usually drunken, shoe and clothes buying fun with assorted family members, political discussions, tons of seafood and three slightly crazy dogs all mixed in kind of time.
And it’s possible that I might have found a smokeable, illegal substance in someone’s bathroom, but I won’t name names because she reads this blog.
Since I’ve been back work has seemed like some special kind of torture that an exceptionally cruel Fate has dreamed up for me. Ten months is feeling like an eternity. My evenings at the Children’s Hospital and phone calls to V are keeping me (somewhat) sane, so don’t worry too much.
Now minions, at the end of last year I was thinking of splitting this blog up. I was going to have a personal blog and a political blog. Reading my blogroll and my past posts you’ll see something of a split personality emerge. This past week as I haven’t posted I’ve made a decision. Fuck it. This is my fiefdom, my place to define and redefine who the whole new me that I committed to will be. Well, that whole new G cares about her world – from the kid ganbanging on the corner to the dying species of bird on a mountain thousands of miles away. I also care about my family, my friends, and the stupid movie I am currently obsessed with.
I want freedom for the full expression of my personality."

Mahatma Gandhi (stolen from EsLocura)
So in 2008 you’ll get to hear about it all, from my anger about the apathy I believe is rotting this country to my musings on why Jeffrey Dean Morgan is my new secret lover. I’m not making resolutions, I’m making changes and you’re all invited along for the ride.

Hint: the blog title is from the current movie obsession.


Jay said...

I was just thinking last night that you hadn't been around for a while and was hoping you'd be back soon.

I agree. It's your blog so you get to post whatever you want to talk about.

WNG said...

Thank you Jay. That's just what I was thinking. So what if no one else really does it - I'll blaze a trail. Or whatever.
Anyway, if it sucks I'll find a way to blame it all on you, so I feel pretty safe!
:) Missed you too!!!

meno said...

If you can't write what you want on your own blog, what's the point of it all then?
Did you confiscate the illegal substance? for her own good of course!

WNG said...

Nah...I left it where it was and didn't say anything even though I REALLY wanted to. A LOT! My willpower is amazing :)

EsLocura said...

I am all for enjoying the good, the bad, and the ugly, freedom my sweet ... go with it. (thanks for stealing from me, makes me proud)

NoRegrets said...

I don't have cable either. Or an ipod. And welcome back!

guerreiranigeriana said...

'I’m not making resolutions, I’m making changes and you’re all invited along for the ride.' favorite line thus far this statement...happy new year!..

...when i lived on my own, had no cable nor tv...i care about my world the works for 'the dialogues'...what i have decided to term the project...i'll keep you did say you were interested right?..(refer to rant on my blog about blacks in the us)..this is not the org just yet, but the talks...*lifts her tenth glass of red wine in your honor*...

Susan said...

You go, G! It's all about you and all the parts that make you the person you are. If people don't like all the pieces they can go f-themselves.

His Sinfulness said...

Thank gods your back!

I've been rocking the multi-purpose blog for years now - don't sweat it. I think we're doing a service; our blogs help the readers maintain their mental flexibility and ability to adapt...

WNG said...

1. I have the BEST minions on teh internets, every time I get nervous you guys have my back.

2. I could not possibly be more busy just now so the blogs may be a tad infrequent for a second...sorry :(

Es - stop it. Ok. Not really, go right on ahead with the compliments!

NoR - I'm fine w/o cable but I don't know if I could make it without my iPod. How do you do it???

Guerre - I'm there, i'm in, i'm whatever means yes! Interested! Also - loved the Naija stories!!!

Susan - you bring out my inner badass. I'm hoping that's a good thing...

Pater - Of course I've looked to you for guidance, as I do in all things...

NoRegrets said...

Um...I'm cheap? Ahem, thrifty. And too overwhelmed with life to learn a new technology (I'm old you know). And I don't really like listening to music through earphones. And I do like silence once in a while.

WNG said...

Yeah...nope, still don't get it. I have to have music (or at least the possibilty) at all times and I love being able to choose any song in my collection whenever I want. Mine hooks up to my DVD player, clock radio and car. I'm addicted.