Friday, January 11

One Rule to Stone Them All

There have been many times lately when life has reminded me of ‘Any Given Sunday’. I know, I know... when the real world starts seeming like an Oliver Stone movie you’re in trouble. I’m hoping it’s just the cold meds. This morning I was over on Field’s blog reading Kelly Tilghman’s apology to Tiger Woods and this quote from AGS popped into my head, “We know you’re dumb but we’ve made this shit simple enough. We made this shit real fucking simple.”
We, as a nation, do not ask for much from our media. We, as a Black community ask for even less.
Do we ask for truth? Nah.
Do we demand equality of portayals? Nope.
Integration on our airwaves and in print? Nope. (there is a difference between integration and desegregation – look it up)
Respect? Rarely.
Basic human decency? Yeah, that we’d like. We’d like that not only for our super stars, but for every citizen and we tend to get pissed when that request is blatantly ignored for many average Joes or one Tiger.
No one will be able to convince me that Miss Kelly isn’t a racist. She is. Imus is. Dog is.The only way to choose those ‘poorly chosen words’ is if the WORDS ARE ALREADY IN YOUR HEAD. If you weren’t a racist it wouldn’t have occurred to you say some racist shit. See? Like my man said, ‘it’s real fucking simple’. Now, we can’t regulate what people think, so all we ask is that you not ACT like a racist where you can get caught. That is the only rule. DO NOT ACT LIKE A RACIST WHERE WE CAN SEE OR HEAR YOU.

How hard is that rule to follow?


His Sinfulness said...

It seems the public has a very short memory, too. Imus was back on the air shortly before Christmas...

Jay said...

So yesterday I was listening to Fox Sports Radio. Yeah, I know ...

Anyway, the guy on there was going on and on don defending this chick. Then he expanded his defense to cover Imus, then he went so far as to defend Jimmy the Greek from back in the day and THEN ended his rant by having the audacity to defend Al Campanis.

You know, the guy who said that blacks "may not have some of the necessities to be, let's say, a field manager, or, perhaps, a general manager" on Nightline back in the day. He then threw in the "blacks aren't good swimmers" line too, just in case we hadn't figured him out yet.

I'm just amazed that these people not only exist but they are still the ones that get to host radio shows and are part of the national discourse.

I don't know who that chick is, but you're absolutely right. She wouldn't have said that if she doesn't use that "joke" in her private life on a regular basis.

WNG said...

Yeah, Pater, Merry Christmas to me.

Jay - first of all I'm always right, you should know that by now. Second, never underestimate the combined effect of stupidity and audacity on a media personality. It's staggering.

Jay said...

LOL ... Well, so far you've been right about everything. At least as much as I can remember. But, I'm still holding out here. It's entirely possible that you will be wrong about something someday.

Like you might have a post saying that Dean Martin sucked or something equally outrageous and wrong. Just saying. It might happen someday. ;-)

guerreiranigeriana said...

these aren't coincidences in my mind...elections are supposedly coming have a 'blackie' running for president...and all these blatant racist events...too many too close together...kind of like the coups that were taking place in african nations after they started gaining independence...

...conspiracy theory?...lightweight...but i don't believe that these events are so unrelated and haphazard as they are trying to make them seem...folks just finished getting over dog and now bitch, i mean tilwhatever the hell her name is...just fueling the race tensions...who will lash out first?...then we'll have to shut down everything...the country, the borders, make arrests and maintain order...i refuse to be outraged...she can come stand right outside my window and call me a nigger and i'll continue about my business....i'm not taking the bait...

meno said...

In the words of the immortal Avenue Q on Broadway "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist"

Give it a listen!

NoRegrets said...

On a completely difrerent topic, I finally did your meme...

WNG said...

Once again...I'm back! Arghh! My life really has GOT to calm down (except then I'd be bored).

Jay - Not gonna happen sweetie, but you can always hope :)

Guerre- AMEN!

Meno - If we could just get people to admit that, maybe we could move forward...

NoR - I'm on my way over :)

I am not Star Jones said... have an excellent point
but i have to ask why you (and al sharpton) are more upset than tiger is about this?

is it because he's been her friend for 12 years?

is it because he considers himself green more than black or Thai?

does it not realize his child may one day confront this attitude and he won't be able to brush it off so easily?

does he not know what lynching is ?

i mean
what does it take for Tiger Woods to put down his golf club and say
you know what, this is BS and you need to apologize to every member of the human race for using such vicious imagery over A GOLF TOURNAMENT.

WNG said...

Not Star - If he can't or won't speak out for whatever reason, then I will. I have no problem calling them ALL on their shit, but you make an excellent point. I wish I had a better answer for you .