Thursday, January 24

snow white is washing dishes again

It was not a good day. We traded emails trying to decide how to implode until after hours of thinking and rethinking, writing, rewriting and answering my day was finally over. I decided to treat myself with the things that always soothe: a bacon bleu cheese burger, a couple new books and some music. (I had the whiskey at home)
I bought Little Voice, by my new friend Sara up there, mostly because they didn’t have James Morrison. Thank God. We’ve all done it and if you haven’t I’m so sad for you. I fell in love with this album; every single song.
There are times when I can’t be a critic. There are certain movies, books, plays, albums and paintings that I just instinctively love and I can’t tell you why. All of my words seem radically unspecific for the complex emotions involved. This is one of those times. I can’t explain to you everything that these songs make me think of, let alone feel. I have no idea how she does it. I could compare her to so many women before, and to some men for that matter, but I think you should just go wherever you go and listen for yourself. As great as Love Song and Gravity are they barely scratch the surface. Check out Fairytale, it’s this morning’s favorite.
** Special Side Note For Mama G and Susan: Just trust me and buy the album.
by the way Susan, this is oddly perfect...annoying...
The Recipe For Graeme
3 parts Silliness
2 parts Superiority
1 part Friendship
Splash of Creativity
Finish off with a little umbrella and straw


Jay said...

I had to Google that chick cause I wasn't sure if I had heard her or not. I found a few of her videos on youtube too. She sounds pretty good.

WNG said...

I'm an opinion maker Jay, I really am :)

NoRegrets said...

My brain is so dead I don't understand your post at all. sigh.

WNG said...

WOW - and this one was easy... sorry NoR, get some rest!

Susan said...

I'm going to buy it this weekend. I'm currently stuck on the song "Realize" by Colbie Caillat. It just sticks with me..

Also, I think there's more than 1 part friendship in that drink.

WNG said...

Susan - you're going to love it. Promise. I have Colbie in my iPod, but can't listen to anything but Sara right now. I'll try to tear myself away in your honor.

Thanks, I needed that. *HUGS*

The CEO said...

I'll see what I can find on youtube of hers. When you come over, how do you feel about vodka and vermouth with a pickled onion? Or gin and tonic? I'm just kidding, I really like Grand Manier and tonic with a twist of friendship when it's hot out.

WNG said...

CEO - great, great, great and umm...YES! Kahula and soda is my summert dessert drink. With a twist of friendship, of course :)