Monday, January 28

*look for this pic in this week's Jet magazine*

“That’s what we do Abby, we run for things and we hope that in the process the people force us to do something good.”

Josiah Bartlett, West Wing Season 2: ‘The War At Home’

The picture is of Aunt G meeting Barack Obama earlier this month at the College of Knowledge, otherwise known as the College of Charleston. The G family in all its’ splendor is supporting Mr. Obama (except for some random Republicans in MA that we don’t talk about…we just pray for their souls). In the picture Aunt G (who taught public school for over 40 years) was telling Mr. O how very proud she was of him. I think it is a beautiful picture of two beautiful people, so there it is.
I had a conversation about Mr. O with Mama G last night. She was excited about his win in SC but worried. Mama G wasn’t worried about the rest of the primaries, or the general election, she was worried about whether or not any of the candidates would or even could do anything about the issues she cares about. I reminded her of two things: one – politicians don’t do anything they don’t have to do. I believe that many of them have great aspirations. I also believe that we need to keep a sharp eye on all of them and stay loud in their ears. Now is the time in the process when we have the greatest power and most direct access. Go to events being held near you. Ask a question. Make sure that they don’t get out of the diner, gym, or church without having addressed your issue. I was amazingly jealous of my SC family for having so many opportunities to do this with all of the candidates; it’s one of the best things about living in that state.
Mama G volunteers at the food bank and has gotten her company and a couple other insurance companies in Chucktown to start staffing it as well. There are things that the federal and state governments can do to support the food bank. There are things that they can do to reduce the need for the food bank. What they can’t do is what Mama G does, which is roll up her sleeves and go to work. Legislation can’t sort or box cans and it certainly can’t inspect expiration dates.
Yes, there are so many things within the power of the president and especially at this time of year there are so many powers that we, as voters, have. Our greatest power, every day, every year, is our power to decide and to act. We don’t have to wait for our leaders to inspire us, we can inspire them. We don’t have to wait for them to save our communities, we can do it ourselves. For all that we should be focusing right now on which choice to make for our future, please do not forget to keep working in the present.


Jay said...

Very well put.

Not only that, but we all also need to remember that our local elected officials have more impact on our daily lives than the president. You're county judge, county commissioners or JPs or whatever they're called where you live have tremendous power in many places. Not to mention mayors and city councilmen. And the school board members who want our children to be taught that the Grand Canyon was built by Noah's flood and other crazy ideas.

Flynn said...

Good post. As important as it is to be involved and make sure we get a good leader, it's just as important to remember that we can do something to help also.

And Auntie G is indeed a beautiful woman. Must run in the family.

His Sinfulness said...

Amen. Be the change you want to see. :)

WNG said...

Jay - we're having a statewide transportation smackdown in VA this year so I think people may FINALLY be getting that message as each county fights with each other and the state leg. We're soooo mature.

Flynn! YEA! Missed you! And thanks (blushes...then preens)
Pater:More WW quotes for you -

POTUS - The qoute is 'You must be the change, right?"
Will- Yes, sir.
POTUS- I think I'll go with the Eudora Welty, that one sounds a bit too much like Eastern philosophy.
Will- Well it was bound to sir.
POTUS- Because Ghandi was from India?
Will- Yes, sir.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

This is a great post, Wng!

I am looking forward to attending an Obama rally when he gets to California as he is the first candidate to give me hope for America in a very long time.

Your aunt is a beautiful lady, and clearly, Mama G is too.

WNG said...

Hi Hearts! You should go, it's as close as my generation will get to John or Bobby. Have fun! Oo-maybe you'll get a hug too!

They are, I am seriously blessed by the strong, beautiful women in my life.