Saturday, February 2

no right minds would wrong me this many times

There are more African American males in prison than in college.

Homicide is the leading cause of death for African American males under 35.

African American females under 45 are the fastest growing group in HIV/AIDS infection in this country.

African Americans who go missing are ignored while the entire country looks for a blonde co-ed in Aruba.
There is a holocaust of young African Americans in this country. It is a genocide: a deliberate and systematic slaughter or incarceration of thousands of young minorities each year in this country.
There is more than enough blame to spread around to each and every facet of the country and the community and NO ONE is doing enough to stop it. The Clintons don't want to talk about it (unless they are backed into a corner) and I don't really blame them, no one wants to be depressed in an election year.
What I do blame them for is this shit. If you are going to talk about race then talk about race. Don't deal the card from the bottom of the deck and then look amazed when it shows up in the river. I'm not sure if Hillary or Bill understands the younger generations of African Americans at all. No, we aren't as wrapped up in the Civil Rights era as our parents and grandparents but we are seeing their gains crumble and blow into dust. We are watching our friends, family and community die or get locked up. Do you honestly think that Bob Johnson or Robert Ford speak for us? Do you think we can't see through all the Revs as well as anyone else? Do not paint us with their brush.
Most of us grew up as Clinton fans. Most of us didn't grow up highly motivated to vote. If you had been smart, hadn't panicked and let your inner Arkansas shine through you might have kept it that way. You might have been able to split the vote. We might have forgotten what we know or maybe even trusted that you would do something about it- as only a president can. We might have stuck with you and just hoped for a VP slot for Obama. But you tried to be slick and play both sides - using racial digs to remind 'white america' of the 'implications' of voting for a Black man while trying to put enough spin on it that you wouldn't piss off or fire up the Black community, or anyone else who finds that bullshit offensive. Well... oops - you've pissed me off - and I'm not the only one. Bill and Hillary are done for forever with all the young African Americans I know. And at this point putting Obama on the ticket with Hillary would not help her - it would be seen as a betrayal by him. Of who?
All of us who are tired of all of this:
Yes, Hillary, a President has to sign a bill to make it a law. Thank you for that education. I really thought that Dr. King could have signed the Civil Rights Act himself. BUT -Would it have ever been introduced without Dr. King? Do you honestly think that Kennedy or Johnson would have gotten together with some Congressmen and gotten it done on their own if they didn’t HAVE to? If someone wasn’t helping to lead a movement to FORCE them to? It got passed because Congress was willing to pass almost anything associated with Kennedy after his assassination, are you going to give credit to his murderer’s too?
And this:
Yes, Bill, Jesse Jackson won the SC primary. You know who else won? YOU. People have tried to say that you were just going with the first name that popped into your head, but shouldn't that have been your name?
I could go on and on and on, or you could read a newspaper, watch a broadcast or read a poli-blog and find plenty of examples.
So, how about we all cut out the bullshit, huh Hillary? Turn off your racial attack machine and install a filter between your brain and your mouth. Buy a muzzle for your wife or leave him in NJ. Content yourself with the juggling act of a female candidate and stop trying to be subtle and slick, you never had the talent for it and it seems that your wife has lost his.


NoRegrets said...

I've heard that many African Americans still are so pro-Clinton. I'd like it if they weren't...

WNG said...

NoR - I have no idea why, honestly. I do know some of Mama G's friends are but I cannot understand thier reasoning.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Everything you say is true. I'm glad you put words to all of it.

I can't understand why ANYONE would vote for Hillary/Bill knowing all we do about them. The slimy racial attacks are just proof that they are really racist rednecks if you scratch the surface a little, but until Obama became their opponent, they hadn't lost their cool enough to express it.

I believe that in Obama, the times have produced the person we need now to unify this diverse country. Even the fact that he is half-black and half-white symbolizes unity.

His intelligence, refinement, honor and decency are unprecedented in American politics and it sickens me to see voters resist his candidacy for the most base reasons.

If I may be eloquent for a moment, it seems that the Clintons are showing their ass.

Jay said...

There's just no way I can bring myself to vote for Hillary. I don't know what I'll do in the general election if she's the nominee.

"If you had been smart, hadn't panicked and let your inner Arkansas shine through you might have kept it that way."

Easy now, I'm from Arkansas! LOL ;-)

WNG said...

Hearts - When you're right, you're right...AND eloquent! I'm working on the campaign in VA now. It makes me feel better to be doing something :)

Jay - I know, but I love you anyway :) Sorry, I get pissy when people pick on SC so I should have known better :(

guerreiranigeriana said...

great post...i'm still trying to figure out when and why the love affair with the clintons ever even the point that folks deemed clinton the first'black' pres? posting a few token blacks here and there in government makes you black, shit, bush is too...people keep trying to tell me clinton did a lot for black people but when i ask what specifically, crickets...i guess getting head in the white house scores mad 'black' points huh?...

WNG said...

He seemed like he was listening - that's pretty much all it was. There was a huge sea change coming off of the Reagan/Bush years when we so obviously ignored to the Clinton when it seemed like he valued the "voters of color". Then he sat on his ass, got a couple bj's and sold us down the river...but at least the economy was better then.