Monday, February 11

sunday's on the phone to monday

Thank you, V. This weekend was exactly what I needed: alcohol, guitar hero, crab cakes and Matchbox Twenty in concert. And my V home, that was great. The laughs, the ear and the shoulder are all massively appreciated.
Barack Obama was at the VA Beach Amphitheater last night having a huge rally but I was with V downtown singing and screaming my lungs out at the concert. If you haven’t seen Matchbox Twenty live, you should. They put on a great show that’s less about cool tricks and more about playing as many of their songs as they can pack in.
It was a catharsis, sweaty, loud and shared with some thousands of others. I love live music. I love knowing every single song and I really love that they went straight from Bright Lights into Bathroom Window, my favorite MB20 song into my favorite Beatles song.
V and I went to a bar after the concert because there was such a huge line to get out of the parking garage and we were thirsty, but in truth…neither one of us wanted it to end. Tonight I’ll go work the phones one more time at “O” HQ downtown and tomorrow we’ll hopefully keep the sweep going. For now I’m making it through the day because underneath and behind everything I hear and see today are the memories of last night. The songs still play in my head and I realize how much I needed to stop and just sing.


Susan said...

This weekend I ended up on stage with a friend that's moving back to town singing "knockin' on heaven's door" at the top of our lungs. He's got a much better G-n-R voice than me but I suuure did try.

Sometimes all we really need is an outlet to let the emotion out. It doesn't have to be a specific emotion...just all the stuff we've bottled up for so long.

WNG said...

Yes, Susan. And a good friend to share it with never hurts.
Neither does rum...

Jay said...

Great weekend! It's always fun to have a really fun and busy blowout weekend like that.

After Tomorrow Obama will have won 8 straight contests and 23 of the last 30. He's on a serious roll.

The CEO said...

I'm really glad you had a good time. It's called "mental health" and it's worth doing more often. Have a fabulous day! I'm off to vote.

WNG said...

Hi Jay, meet the chickens that haven't hatched yet.
Well now that you 've jinxed us I guess you can just go home for the rest of the day and hang out. Thanks for your support:)

CEO, you're right. I really should. I'm voting at lunch! Yea for us!