Wednesday, February 13

why don't you just go away

No matter what happens from here on out at least I can always say that I helped Virginia hand the Borg Queen her ass. As sick as I was yesterday (and still am) it felt good, DAMN good. I’m not going to spend all of my time rubbing our win in her face, or any other Borg who might be reading this.
Moving on.
I have the plague. I’m dying. I have absolutely no way of knowing these things for a certainty, but it sure as hell feels like it. There’s no fever or coughing or anything resembling a normal cold. I just hurt. It’s like having a full body migraine. These aren’t regular body aches, they’re pretty evil, or maybe it’s just that I’m so tired I’m blowing things a tad bit out of proportion. Either way I’m going to the doc today and hopefully they’ll be able to give me some crazy ballistic anti-plague shots or something. Cross your fingers for me, minions.


Christopher said...

There is no law stating that it is mandatory to do anything at all when the national anthem is played. Nor is it written in stone, that a citizen must recite the pledge of allegiance.

This type of swiftboating has become all too common from the radical, rightwingers, as they try to tear down and destroy otherwise good people like Barack Obama.

I say debate where Obama stand on the issues, his votes and policy positions, but trying to diss him over the placement of his hand is an act of desperation.

I would be much more concerned about a Democrat (the Borg Queen) who voted for the Iraq war, for the USA Patriot Act, for a cynical flag burning amendment, and against the United Nations.

But that's just me.

Susan said...

I'd cross my fingers but they hurt so bad I can't stand the thought..

Jay said...

Hope you get to feeling better fast. I finally got over my cold except for this dang cough that won't let go.

I think Hillary is done. It's pretty much over. The only thing left for her is all the finger pointing and blaming of others for her own failure and really stupid strategy. Oh and her arrogance for thinking that she would knock everyone out of the race on Super Tuesday and wouldn't be challenged in all these states.

WNG said...

Thanks - that's pretty much where I went with it, but one of my friends actually wrote him an email b/c she was so upset at what people were trying to do and he wrote her back. She forwarded it to me and I passed it on. Another friend told me she had gotten the email but that it just seemed so silly that she deleted it -she doesn't follow or really care about politics at all but she saw right through it.

Susan - knowing you i'm a little scared to ask what happened...

Jay- you and those damn hatching chickens again. PA and TX are gonna' be really tough and if she wins both of them we're in trouble. Cautious optimism, Jay. And secret hope.

NoRegrets said...

thanks for helping Obama win. I appreciate it since I was in a plane and didn't vote (and didn't get my butt in gear soon enough to vote before I left for my vacation)

every time my husband sees Obama on the tv or his name is mentioned he says that he's scary. the only answer he can give or has given as to why is because he'll pull out of Iraq.

as you can tell, one thing that spurs me on to vote is to cancel out my husband's vote.

The CEO said...

Check with your doc, but you should probably add a multiple vitamin and 50 mg of zinc to your daily regimen.

I am so glad you are active in politics. Again, think about coming to D.C. and try working on the hill. Talk to your Congressperson. Volunteer for them.

EsLocura said...

feel better, know that before you pass out you did the world some good. besos

Mayren said...


heartinsanfrancisco said...

A full-body migraine sounds pretty serious. I hope you don't have fibromyalgia. I do, and it sometimes feels like that.

Thank you for helping with the ass-handing in Virginia, and feel better soon!

Susan said...

How are you feeling?

WNG said...

NoR - I do what I can :) Hope you had a great vacation and don't worry, I've got your back.

CEO - I've added the zinc per docs orders and I really can't work in politics because politics behind the scenes honestly makes me ill, well, more ill than I happen to be at the moment.

Love ya' Es, thanks!

Smooches and huggles right back to ya' Mayren. Disinfected first, of course.

It isn't, Hearts, although my Mama G was pretty scared for me that it was. I have a particularly nasty strain of flu. The ass handing in VA was my pleasure.

WNG said...

Like. Shit.
Oh yeah, and I'm at work. Fun, fun, fun!
How are you doing kiddo? Any better?

His Sinfulness said...

This year's flu strain is brutal - hope you fell better very soon. I, too, thought I was going to die, but I pulled through. You will too. :)

WNG said...

Pater - It's killer. I have no business being at work, but like Susan said on her blog I want them to witness my suffering and then join in. That's what you get for not believing G!!! Mwa-ha-ha!
I could really use a nap...

Susan said...

I feel horrible. I look worse. T-Minus 2 hours and 26 minutes until I can go home and to bed.

I am not Star Jones said...

I'm sorry you got the bug.

Maybe this tag will take your mind of it...visit The Cafe to find out more.