Monday, February 4

you made me...


Ok. Here it is:
Mind Frivolous At Last

by the Kuban People's Republic.

There's your damn album meme. You got me. Happy now?!?!?
If you wanna' get sucked in too, here you go...
use the first link. no matter what the title of the article is, it is now your band's name.

on to the second link. the last four words of the quote is your album title. for the cover art.

go to this link and the third pic is your album cover art.


Jay said...

You just couldn't resist huh?

That was actually a pretty fun meme. Normally I try to ignore them.

NoRegrets said...

yeah, yeah. blame us. you know you wanted it...

Susan said...

You know you liked it.

Wait, are nor and I becoming one person? She's reading my MIND.

WNG said...

Jay - I told myself I wouldn't do them anymore...I lied:(

Nor - only because I was drunk

Susan - yeah...she's scary like that