Thursday, March 13

don't forget the lyrics, part 3

I'm leaving the religious/political craziness for others. These are the lyrics living in my head this week.
“She says you know me and Jesus, we’re of the same heart
The only thing that keeps us distant is that I keep fucking up”

“Tell me is that rolling thunder
Or just the sinking sound of something righteous
Going under”

“I think he’d wear me well”

“Brown skin
Up against my
Brown skin
I can’t tell where yours begins
I can’t tell where mine ends”

“Nobody wants to face the truth
but you won’t believe what love can do
‘till it happens to you”

“While you were sleeping
I was listening to the radio and wondering what you’re dreaming
And it came to mind that I didn’t care”
OK, so I know I SAID I was going to leave it alone, but Jay's post today was just too funny for any of you to miss. GO READ IT NOW!!!


NoRegrets said...

Again with Fleetwood Mac:
"you can go your own way. you can call it another lonely day."

I'll find a better one today to go through my head.

Jay said...

And Sprintsteen. Everybody loves Springsteen.

Thanks for the shout out!

WNG said...

NoR - Better than Fleetwood Mac? Good luck with that:)

Jay - love you for knowing it's Springsteen!!!

Susan said...

"I may hate myself in the morning but I'm gonna love you tonight"

"the only thing that keeps me wishin' on a wishin' star"

"it's only fear that makes you run
the demons that you're hidin' from
when all the promises are gone
i'm the only one"

"nobody knows it, but you've got a secret smile"

WNG said...

We're gonna start a movement Susan :-) Good ones!

The CEO said...

I'm too tired for lyrics, but I can hear "The Chain" in my head. I like Fleetwood Mac and Springsteen (I can hear My Little Town). Bedtime. Night.

WNG said...

Sleep tight, Monty :)

Susan said...

I need your input. Go to my blog.