Friday, March 14

hillary clinton: a letter

Frankly, I don’t expect too much from politicians, I find it a buffer against being let down. I feel that most of the problems in this country need to be solved from the ground up and that the best thing that the pols can do is make it easier for that to happen or stay out of the way. I don’t expect much even from the Democratic Party. One of my favorite quotes from the West Wing is “Now we have two wholly owned corporate subsidiaries, one pro-life and one pro-choice.” I’ve worked in it and seen how dirty even the clean guys have to get just to get elected.
So, I guess I should give you some kind of prize, Hillary, for making me completely disgusted with the Democratic Party. Honestly, what is your endgame? Do you think you’ll get to the nomination? Do you think that tearing apart the party to get to the nomination will somehow benefit you? Do you think we’ll all fall in line like good little soldiers if you do somehow end up the nominee?
Maybe you don’t realize the position you are putting some voters in, so please let me explain to you where I’m coming from. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I believe that what I do with my body is between me and God, possibly my doctor, but definitely not the Supreme Court nor anyone else. The next President of the United States will be in a position to appoint judges who could overturn Roe and as a woman, sister, daughter and hopefully a mother one day I feel that I must do everything in my power to stop that.
Here are my problems with you: I don’t agree with your health plan, I’ve heard no substantive education plan from you and I cannot stand the fact that you can’t answer a straight question. You cry when someone calls you a monster, but continue to act like one. Your surrogates have been out spouting racist rhetoric since even before SC and you do not ‘distance’ yourself. Do you think that we don’t see the game you’re playing? Either you’ve surrounded yourself with racists accidentally or you’re directing them. Either way it’s despicable. At this moment I can’t find much difference between you and the Republicans, either in rhetoric or in policy other than your healthcare plan and Roe. I also have no reason to believe you cannot be bought (Wal Mart, anyone?).
Tell me, what am I supposed to do if you become the nominee? Do I hold my nose and vote for you, sullying the vote that generations before me bled to secure the right for me to cast? Do I vote for a third party, of which I predict there will be more than one if you are the nominee? I cannot bring myself to vote for McCain, so do I just stay home for the first time in my life on Election Day? And when my young cousins are grown, when my children are grown and they ask me about this time; when they ask me how the country stripped women of their rights, ignored the peril of the environment and tripped down the path to war outside its borders and fraction within them what do I say? Should my answer be that once there was a woman who believed that since her husband exposed and embarrassed her to the country that same country owed her the White House as reparations? Do I say that she used every trick that her predecessor, the worst President in history, ever used and tore apart the Democratic Party on her way to an inevitable loss she was too blinded by ambition to see coming? How do you want me to answer them?
I don’t think that Barack Obama is a saint and I am quite glad that he is not the second coming of Jack Kennedy, but I do believe he is better for this country, this Party, and the future of my family than you are. If that makes me a traitor to feminists everywhere or if that makes you cry I just don’t care. The dirty fighting you are engaging in and trying to get Senator Obama to engage in is a disgrace to everything you say you hold dear.

It is a slap in the face and I have no more cheeks to turn.
The CPL said it better than I ever could, go check it out here.


susan marie said...

Wonderful post. Exactly right, all the way. Thank you.

WNG said...

Thanks, Susan Marie, and welcome.

Jay said...

You nailed it. Hillary's plan is to get the nomination any way possible cause she knows that voting for McCain or staying home is no option. The country is in a position where we can't risk even only 4 years of McCain.

Although I've been predicting for a long time that either Hillary will lose to McCain or she will win and the Dems will lose control of the Senate and maybe the House in 2010. Not that she cares.

WNG said...

It's just hard for me to believe that she would be willing to tear the party apart for this, Jay. I realize you have to be ambitious to even dream of being Prez, but shouldn't you also love your country and your party too much to do things like this???

NoRegrets said...

I expected todays post to be about shoes. I guess Monday's will. Take pictures. Potomac Mills?

Susan said...


WNG said...

Sorry NoR,Susan, I'm a terrible tease... going shopping this weekend with the long lost V and will have shoe updates on Monday - PROMISE!

I am not Star Jones said...

i got chills and tears reading that letter.


WNG said...

Thanks, Star. I was near tears writing it.

slag said...

I feel that most of the problems in this country need to be solved from the ground up and that the best thing that the pols can do is make it easier for that to happen or stay out of the way.

I couldn't agree with this idea more. It helps to have a leader that the people can galvanize around so that we have a point on which to focus our energy. That's why Obama is my candidate. Hillary keeps proving herself too divisive, and it seems that no matter what comes Obama's way, he can deal with it without giving away his decency.

People talk about how the Clintons have persevered through the Republican political machine and that's why she's more electable. Fact is, if that were true, she'd have the nomination by now and her negatives wouldn't be where they are. Her campaign's race-baiting tactics have shown that, in desperate times, Hillary can't maintain any real ethical boundaries. That's too much like John McCain for my taste.

WNG said...

You know, the word 'negatives' just cracks me up. Why can't we just say that people don't like her? 'Negatives' makes it sound like some that happened to her rather than something she has had an active part in creating!