Monday, March 10

much ado about

Here’s the problem with things going well for me: I’ve got nothing to talk about. The apartment is clean; I made some amazing pasta on Friday night and got hit on by unattractive short men on Sunday afternoon. Regular weekend.

I could post about the rumours the Borg Queen is trying to start about a two for one special, but that’s crap she’s only spouting for the Mississippi primary, trying to cuddle up to a cold shoulder.

I could post about how it seems like so many black folks are freaking out because Obama lost OH and TX, but I know that’s just because so many of have been waiting to get screwed by this whole hope idea for so long.

I actually thought about doing a post about how the Borg Queen and Obama remind me of Cowboy Bob and Matt Santos from the West Wing and then follow that through to a McCain as Vinnick vs. Obama as Santos kind of thing, but most of you are huge West Wing fanatics like myself. Also, I like to keep SOME of my more darkish tendencies under wraps.

Ok, so maybe I should post about my Chicago trip with Papa G: everything’s sailing along great.

Or Mama G’s much-anticipated visit to VA? Smooth sailing as well.

The possibility that I might actually have to hold my nose and vote for Borg Queen in order to keep the Supreme Court out of my uterus? I’ll gag my way through it, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

Everything’s ok today.
Well, it’s not. The world is tucked cozily into it’s handbasket and is still heading south, but I’m doing what I can about it, which gives me a sense of calm I am, quite frankly, not at all used to.

Don’t worry overmuch, minions; I’m sure I’ll have something to bitch/moan/rant etc about soon, but right now? I got nothin’.


NoRegrets said...

Good! Though, that sure is a lot of writing about nothing. :-)
I am so desperately waiting for posts since I CANNOT concentrate on work today, though I have SO much to do. Thanks for writing.

WNG said...

Today is my Seinfeld day:)
Thanks for reading!

meno said...

I just want the full story on the unattractive short men.

Jay said...

Clinton tells one group that Obama has no experience and is a meanie, then she tells another group he would be a great VP candidate. Classic Clinton triangulation.

And better than that she is going around taking credit for the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement and the Family Medical Leave Act. She simply accompanied Bill to Northern Ireland and had absolutely NOTHING to do with FMLA.

FMLA was first introduced by Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut way back in 1986 while Hillary was first lady in Arkansas AND still a member of Wal-Mart Inc.'s board of directors. She's just making shit up now.

WNG said...

Meno - It's coming today... :)

Jay - Amen. They have their own little universe, Clintonia. I'll say it because I can and still keep my job: The woman is a monster.