Wednesday, March 19

taste the rainbow

For years my blond haired blue-green eyed Mama G has identified herself to the world and to herself as a Black woman. The fact that her mother had red hair and a Scottish maiden name apparently meant…?
In truth she was forced to choose at an early age. To choose between a culture that thought she was sullied and one which would claim her (but never in mixed company). Mama G identifies with Barack Obama in a way that many African Americans and Caucasian Americans cannot. When he says that he straddles both worlds there is no one who understands that and who understands the opposing forces that can tug at you from both sides like the women in my family.
Like two of the sisters of G who are Irish African Americans, like all of the Sisters of Mama G and their daughters. Her sisters married throughout the rainbow and so the cousins of G are beautiful in our variety. Our family has always seemed faintly exotic to my friends, rocky road to their vanilla or chocolate.
Discussing his speech last night Mama G said, “That was the first time I ever felt that someone was speaking for me”. She was not speaking politically, but personally. Since the start of this campaign she has been able to speak more about her personal history to her friends and co-workers than she has ever before. When she is met with uncomfortable reactions she no longer feels like it’s her fault, like the act of her being is somehow wrong. Here is this beautiful, brilliant man who is just like her, who is speaking to her and for her to the rest of the country.
As much as the African American community may have pinned their hopes and aspirations to this man, as much as he may be hailed as the first Black President, he will always be something more and something much more precious to the Family G.
This is not why Mama G and I are supporting him; it is just the gravy on top of the meal. Please believe me when I say that we are savoring it.


NoRegrets said...

It's a really interesting perspective. I'm glad you are sharing it.

Big Man said...

I liked this post.

I think you're right about his unique voice. When Obama went back over exactly what his life was like, it really was powerful. I grew up with two black parents, so he and I don't see the world exactly the same.

But, when he spoke, I could see the world as he saw it and I liked that vision. I don't know if his vision has legs, or if it's perfectly correct, but I liked that he had a deep vision. So many politicians and people lack vision.

Susan said...

Woman, you cannot refer to him and gravy and expect me to have decent thoughts.

I'm much better today, by the way..I hope you're doing good too.

Jay said...

His speech yesterday was very courageous. It's interesting reading all the reactions to it. You have a unique perspective on many issues because of your background that I also find very interesting.

Lots of heave rain here but no severe weather. Thanks for checking in on me. ;-)

WNG said...

NoR - well, you know it's not easy being me...but i think i pull it off :)

Big Man - The happy may not be the same, but it's still there. I had a group of friends in high school who were all mixed race kids, 7 races between the four of us and what he said yesterday sounded a lot like what we used to hope for. And that ain't nothin'

Susan- when have I ever expected you to have clean thoughts girl? I'm glad you're doing better - I have a new cure: sales at Nine West. they can fix almost anything, you should try it :)

Jay - You were the first person I thought of this morning when I heard the news. Just don't tell the Meanest Aunt of G about that, ok?

NoRegrets said...

Hey - you promised photos of SHOES!!!! I just remembered.

WNG said...

Sorry NoR - I bought dresses and skirts instead. I will, however, be undergoing retail therapy of the footwear variety this weekend, so don't fret :)

The CEO said...

You have written a post that I didn't want to end. Thank you.

WNG said...

Wow Monty! Thank you.

slag said...

Discussing his speech last night Mama G said, “That was the first time I ever felt that someone was speaking for me”.

This is a huge deal! It will be nice to have a president who represents more than just the oil cartel community.

WNG said...

The woman lived through King and the Kennedys - she grew up in Mass, so she REALLY lived through the Kennedys. So yeah, it's a REALLY big deal