Friday, March 28

you're gonna need a bigger boat

I’m trying to give you all time to get ready, although I doubt anything can truly prepare you for the unadulterated narcissism that accompanies The Birthday Month of G. That’s right, minions, I said MONTH. I’ve been over the lame birth'day' for a couple years now. The month of April is mine and while I will share it with others lucky enough to be born in my month, I will never lose the chokehold I have on each single day in relation to my birth. It is, as always, all about the G.
Here are my planned activities so far:

April 1: Going to see RENT with the BPM…no Taye Diggs (aka baby daddy) but still a good kickoff event.
April 12: Double birthday party for moi and Brother of Boss. Should include tons of alcohol and hopefully will not include pictures.
April 14: Dinner with the BPM at Krush, my very fav restaurant in town where we will exchange gifts (he’s the 16th, I’m the 17th).
April 16-20: Trip to Chicago with Papa G!!! Blues, drinks, steaks, baseball and Oprah!!! Oh and did I mention more blues and more drinks?
April 24: Wine-tasting dinner, again at Krush, with the docs from my volunteer group at the children’s hospital.
Yes, you’re right, there’s not nearly enough on that list. There should be daily celebrations of my magnificence and wildflowers at my door each morning. Alas, it seems it is not to be…
Unless my minions wanted to come up with some ideas???
I’ll be posting a list of acceptable presents on Monday and will be taking suggestions until then for anything you think might be suitably inappropriate.


NoRegrets said...

I'm a firm believer in birthmonths. I'll think of presents if you tell us how old you'll be! :-) Huggies?
And BPM is?

WNG said...

NoR- 29 (16 or 45 mentally depending on the day) But who needs to be age appropriate when I'm never appropriate in any other way?
Oh and BPM is the Big Pharmaceutical Minion and a friend of mine. He's got his own tag, so feel free to do a BPM search :)

NoRegrets said...

Oh, you are soooo young!

NoRegrets said...

mentally that is.

just kidding.

WNG said...

I found a grey hair last year and ripped it out so hard my scalp bled but it's not like my age bothers me or anything :)

Jay said...

"Should include tons of alcohol and hopefully will not include pictures."

Oh, I think it SHOULD include pictures and LOTS of them!! ;-)

On the 26th you can celebrate my sister's birthday too! And, what the hell, it's also Carol Burnett's birthday. Don't ask how I know that, it's a long story. ;-)

I am not Star Jones said...

birthday month is the only way to go.
Rock it!

slag said...

Happy AWNGpril! Another year better!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I have always believed in the birthday month, and would happily enjoy a birthday year if I could get it.

Looking forward to much vicarious enjoyment and hopefully pictures. And please send cake.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Sweet. I love it when people celebrate for a month. It happens in our house too which means the VISA is smokin' hot in October and December.

The CEO said...

Happy Birthday Month. I'd like my piece of cake with roses on it. And maybe a picture of you and Oprah discussing the election, and where to eat dinner.

WNG said...

Why am I sending YOU GUYS cake?!?!?!

Jay - I will gladly celebrate your sister's birthday! (No pics, sorry)

Star - As always...and so humbly too!

Slag - Way to name things after me! 5000 points to you!!!

Hearts - I think people should be dedicating decades to me, but I'll settle for a month.

IF- That's why I no longer have a VISA :)

Monty - Oprah and I have more important issues to shoes...

Susan said...

I totally have to share my birth month. However, it's farrrr away.

I will think of inappropriate things to send you. Oh yes..I will.

WNG said...

I have to share mine too, Susan, with boys, who we all know have cooties.

Of course you will, I can always count on you!