Tuesday, April 15

Birthdaymonth: The List

No Regrets gave me Edgar, the Super SALAMANDER, yesterday. I could tell you what makes him super, but then I'd have to kill you. As promised, here is a list of Acceptable Presents for G in celebration of her birthmonth!!! Try to behave yourselves while I'm gone and start shopping!!!
In no particular order and without regard to reality I would like:

Bobble heads of the each of Black Vatican Trinity characters for my desk.
Congress to make volunteer hours tax deductible.
A German Shepherd, a Chocolate Lab and a Quarter Horse.
A tropical vacation for my girls and me.
An end to the War in Iraq.
A digital camera.
A blue guitar.
A very old saxophone.
Safety, dignity and education for all of the world’s women. Get that done and we can fix everything else.
The full series DVD’s of Homicide: Life on the Streets and The West Wing.
A dinner with both of my parents that didn’t break anyone’s heart.
An anonymous envelope with enough money in it to open my bookstore.
Another three hours in each day.
More time with my friends.
To guest star on General Hospital in a scene where Sonny throws things. Or seduces me. Or both.
To never have another hangover again…and still be able to drink.
My own line of infused vodkas.
To start National Group Hug day. Seriously.
To replace ‘What a shame’ with ‘What can I do to help?’
To be able to visit my friend Sara in London and meet her kids.
To take Mama G on a trip to Cape Verde.
Silly songs to be written about me and sung loudly.
For the people in my life to truly know how crazy about them I am.
For Common and Taye Diggs to start fighting over me at the Academy Awards where I’m nominated for Best Director. Kevin McKidd will break it up…but not before shirts are torn off…
To play for the Green Bay Packers in one game.
There’s more, but I see no need to be greedy.
I’m just sayin’…


NoRegrets said...


Susan said...

Herrrr name is G
she's friends with meeeeeeeeee
what can I sayyyyyyyyy
she rocks that wayyyy

she goes to curvessss
doesn't get on my nerves
likes maroon 5
and..the hand jive!

I'm singing at my desk, swear.

WNG said...

I am a bad friend, NoR. Horrible. I'm changing it right now.
AND I'm posting him on Craigslist -just to prove my point!

How did you know about the hand jive Susan?

Susan said...

G: Don't ask how I know certain things..I..just..do.

WNG said...

Susan haz skillz :)

Jay said...

Have a great time on your trip. I'll see if I can't get some of those things on your list taken care of while your gone. ;-)

WNG said...

I have faith in you, Jay, GO FOR IT!!!

NoRegrets said...

How was your dinner?

Have a wonderful time in the windy city...

WNG said...

Dinner was A-MA-ZING, as usual. Three cheese roasted garlic risotto, Good Lord!

Thanks, NoR! I'm sure I will!

NoRegrets said...

Oh, I could go for a vat of roasted garlic and some great bread. Yummmm.... How I would reek.

Haiku 4 Ur berthday

It creeps up on you
each year, to pounce and slime you.
The Salamander

Susan said...

OMG haiku is awesome

WNG said...

Can I get that printed on a t-shirt?

The CEO said...

Here's a hug for you


How else can I help you?


Susan said...

I hope your flight went well!!

NoRegrets said...

Thanks Susan. And I'll see what I can do WNG...

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!!! I think..lol

AmyTree said...

Hi WNG - The Morning Meeting mentioned it was your birthday and (as his recommendations are always spot-on) I thought I would drop in and wish you well!
I think I am really going to enjoy your writing - I'll have a read when it I can give it my full attention. :-)
Happy Birthday, one stranger to another!

A. x

NoRegrets said...

How nice - you got an earthquake for your birthday!!! Hope all is well.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Love your list!

I've always wanted to have a small bookstore, too, with esoteric books that are old but not moldy.

And I think Homicide: Life on the Streets was one of the best shows ever made. I still prowl the channels regularly looking for reruns and mourning the death of "G."

Happy Birthday Year, kiddo. You deserve it and more.

I am not Star Jones said...

infused vodkas sounds so good.

Happy Birthday!

Flynn said...

bobble heads eh?
I'll get the R&D staff on that...

WNG said...

C'mon Flynn, you have to admit that's a great idea!!!