Thursday, April 3

DFTL: funeral music

I don't have anything insightful to say on the 40th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination. He was only a couple months older than Papa G and so what I usually think of around this time is how much living Papa G has gotten to do that Dr. King has not. Children, grandchildren, holidays, vacations, good days and bad - the general stuff of living he has been denied. I don't think of the historical implications or the 'loss to the race'.
Because I saw RENT this week, because today makes me sad, because no one sings this song like Jesse (G's Baby Daddy) Martin. For many, many reasons your DFTL this week (yes - a day late, sorry) is :

Now it's your turn...


The CEO said...

For Death, there's either Leonard Cohen or Norman Greenbaum. "Spirit in the Sky" for Dr. King.

WNG said...

I have a list of the songs I want played at my funeral Monty, is that a little weird for 28 years old.