Tuesday, April 22

me and papa g

Papa G rocks.

That could be the entire post, but then my sweet little minions would pout and we can’t have that, can we? If I had about a week I could give you all the deets on my Chitown Birthday Adventure with the illustrious Papa G, but this G doesn’t have that kinda’ time. So: we did ALL the touristy stuff. I’m not kidding. I am now a master of the red line, cabs, and buses. I’m also a master of walking the soles (literally) off of my favorite pair of boots.
We made inappropriate jokes in crowded elevators and made up back-stories for blues club bouncers. We ate, we drank, and we were merry. I took tons of pictures and some of them are even good. We made friends at Wrigley field and we got free passes to a club, because that’s how we roll.

We ate steak.
Lots of steak.
Really, really expensive and soooooo worth it steak.
And lamb chops.
We are NOT vegetarians.
The weather was amazing, the people were great and I think I have a little crush on the Windy City.
On our last day we saw the Alvin Ailey Dance Company perform a new work :“Love Stories”. Both of us have seen them many times before but this is the best company they have had since Jamison was dancing. I’m going again when they come here. It was THAT good. Make sure you make your reservations by phone so that you can see “Love Stories” because they’re rotating the dances performed on each day.
Papa G did things he never would have done if I hadn’t made him (architectural boat tour) and so did I (screaming at professional baseball players) and we both had a great time.

If you’re going I’ll give you the names of places we went. If you’d like to sponsor a return trip Papa G and I will take you!
I learned why it’s really called “The Windy City”, that not even Papa G can pull off Cosby sweaters anymore, and that being embarrassed is silly. I also learned that vacation calories don’t count and that my father and I can spend five whole days together with only one fight.
For the rest of my life I will be grateful for those five days.
Thank you, Chicago.


NoRegrets said...

Oh that's so great! Glad you had a good time. I really like chicago too, but haven't been as much of a tourist as you there. The first time I was in Chicago I was amazed that people in a city would smile (I lived near NYC you see).

WNG said...

I KNOW! I couldn't get over how laid back and nice everyone seemed compared to NYC. Of course, New York is the city of my childhood and I love her precisely for her attitude, but I'll admit to a crush on Chicago.
I was seduced by steaks and scotch, I'm sooo easy...

NoRegrets said...

but not a cheap date!

WNG said...

Oh no, NoR, never cheap - broke maybe, but never cheap!

Jay said...

That is so great! What an amazing trip you had. And for it to be with your dad makes it even more amazing! Very cool.

WNG said...

It was some SERIOUS fun, Jay.
You have not lived until you've gotten blitzed with Papa G :)

The CEO said...

It must have been fantastic looking at the radiant look on your face. What did you think of baseball?

Gye Greene said...

You dad looks like he's a good bloke.

Some famous guy's famous quote (approximated): "After the age of 50, everyone is responsible for their own face."

Meaning: frown-y, scowl-y lines and laugh lines -- them's what **you** build.

A "plain" person with laugh lines is beautiful; a (formerly) pretty person with scowl-y lines is not.

(You're cute, too, of course -- but then, you're not over 50...) :)


WNG said...

CEO- I love baseball in person - hate it on TV and ADORE it with good company, beer and junk food.

Not yet, Gye, although I'm feeling it. Actually, Papa G will be 80 this December, he was 50 when I was BORN :)
He is, as you said, a good bloke.

Susan said...

I love Chicago. Lovvveeee it.

(wait, I'm not supposed to be posting on blogs right now..breakin' the law!)

Anyway, your dad is kinda hot. Grrrrr..;) Doesn't he need a young white woman in his life? I could be the new step-mama G! heheehehe Sorry, could resist.

By the way, 93 days until the trip!!!!!!!!!!!

WNG said...

That's his type Susan - although he hasn't gone as young as you in a couple decades. I'll see what I can do about making you #6

by the way 93 days - WOO HOO!!!

NoRegrets said...

Oh, that would be sooooo funny - Susan the evil stepmom to WNG. Wow. But then again, she doesn't need to marry him, just have some fun. And she can tell WNG allllll the details. Ewwww!!! Of course, WNG you're probably used to that, hearing about stuff from your mom all the time.

WNG said...

You guys have mental problems.
*concentrates on cleansing breaths*

Why are all my friends trying to hook up with my parental units?!?!
I'll have to post on the BPM's obsession with Mama G soon :)

Big Man said...

Beautiful post.

I wish I could spend five days with my pops and only have one fight.

WNG said...

Thanks Big Man.
It takes a LOT of Glenlivet, a packed schedule, and a tongue with deep teeth marks, but it can be done.

slag said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip. I'm truly envious. Happy bday and welcome back! Oh...and keep up the partying all month long.

WNG said...

Oh don't worry, slag, I will! And thanks, it was a great trip and I'm glad we did it.