Monday, May 12

just keeps rainin all of the time...

I’m not saying that this has anything to do with global warming but we had strong storms with tornados for the third weekend in a row. Lightning hit a transformer near The Apt of G late yesterday afternoon so I was without power for about 12 hours. Yeah, good times. Once again Monday morning has dawned to destruction in Hampton Roads neighborhoods.
Now I’m not saying this has anything to do with global warming but apparently these storms are caused by warm air from the Gulf – the air that we usually see in mid summer. No one knows why it’s blowing up here now and getting smacked around by the cooler air from Canada and erupting into dangerous storms.
I’m not saying that it’s global warming, but when North Carolina and Virginia start looking like Kansas and Oklahoma I start thinking…climate change anyone? We’ve already passed the record for tornado related deaths (97) and the season isn’t even close to over. Georgia is dealing with massive power outages and twister sightings. Georgia.
In addition to donations to the Red Cross of food, clothing or money (which storm victims across the country desperately need) I’d like to ask you all to do something else to help:

1. Replace all of your light bulbs with energy efficient ones. Then get some for
your neighbors, family or a friend.
2. If you don’t recycle at your office
or your home start today.
3. Buy local foods, support local growers who
aren’t shipping foods cross-country.
4. Before you turn the ignition in your
car ask yourself ‘is this trip really necessary?’ and ‘do I have to DRIVE to do
5. Buy surge protectors for your electronics and plug them in. When
you leave the house, go to bed or you aren’t using them just click them off.
They draw power constantly whether they’re on or not and this is easier than
unplugging a bunch of wires.
6. Stop buying bottled water. Even if you are
recycling each bottle it is still incredibly wasteful. Get a go-cup and fill it
up at your house, office or gym.

These are some seriously simple first steps that will reduce your energy use. There are many, many more that you can find all over the Internet, of course. We may not be able to reverse the impact we’ve already had, but we can stop it from getting worse.
Oh and did I mention that by making those changes listed above you’ll be saving some serious money?
Not that I’m saying it has anything to do with climate change - I guess we should just be grateful that the record breaking drought is over…


Susan said...

I needed it to be sunny today. I really needed the rain and gray to go away.

The CEO said...

Thank you for reading my mind, again. Very well done!

WNG said...

Me too, Susan, me too.

I don't think I've reached that reading level yet, CEO, but I'm working my way up!

Jay said...

We had big storms over the weekend too. Lots of tornadoes all over the area. And they're warning us that there will be another round Tuesday night. It's not unusual to have big spring storms in this area, but it is unusual have this many storms of this intensity so often. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the growing fields are now swampland because of all the rain.

4. Before you turn the ignition in your
car ask yourself ‘is this trip really necessary?’ and ‘do I have to DRIVE to do this?’

I would walk more places but we don't have any sidewalks in this town. Every time the local planning commission gets together to talk sidewalks all these rednecks come out of the woodwork and say "Ya'll can't be giving into the tree-hugging, commie-luvin, terrorist supportin environmental whack jobs" and the commission give in and drops the sidewalk discussion. Cowards.

WNG said...

I know you did Jay. I thought about you when I was watching the news this morning and I'm glad you're ok.
You should run for council and knock the cowards on their asses :)

Doc said...

Couldn't possibly be climate change... nope not possible, ALL the scientists agree... Nope not global climate change it can't be.

(yeah right)

NoRegrets said...

Yes, it's incredible the number of big storms you've gotten.

I must say, it's funny that there's pressure for people to eat and drink better, and then they get harassed for drinking too much water. Too damn healthy. YES, I know your point and understand it, but the flip side is funny.

WNG said...

Nah, Doc, there's no all. Besides, Pres Shrub just denied federal aid to the people in Suffolk for the first tornado, so it must not have been as bad as we thought.

What cracks me up, NoR, is the SUV I see at my gym all the time with a love your mother bumper sticker (you know - the ones with a picture of earth on them). Oh and the way we can take something good (being healthy) and turn it into a way for people to make money (refilter Columbia, SC city water and what do you get? Aquafina!)
Dude, don't get me started...

Gye Greene said...

Power outages: For me, the worst part is that you're not supposed to go into your 'fridge or freezer.

We kind of do #1 (light bulbs). Although we're doing it slowly: as each incandescent bulb burns out, we're replacing it with a fluorescent.

And #6.

In Australia, all power outlets have an on/off switch (probably because we're on 220V). Most stuff we turn off. :)


WNG said...

People can get overwhelmed, Gye, but there are SO many little things we can do and every little thing helps. Honestly, I started conserving energy to lower my electric bill :)