Monday, June 30

vodka saves

Summer Pama Punch:

1 large bottle of Vodka (I use Rain Organic – but whatever you want…)
1 bottle of Pama Pomegranate liqueur
1 bottle of Simply Lemonade
3 large oranges, peeled and torn into chunks

Dump it all in a huge pitcher (I use a glass one with a screw on top and a spigot on the bottom) and let it sit in the fridge for a day or two.

Drink liberally after a week and weekend where you tried to do waaaay too much, but had crazy amounts of fun and now need a rest.

Ps - My girl Jill Scott tore it up this weekend she is the truth!
PPs- Joss Stone took a coliseum of over 11,000 people where maybe 10% knew her music and turned them into FANS. My girl was great and had the whole place up on their feet!

Friday, June 27

everybody's working for

My weekend is going to be wonderful. Now, I'm not bragging minions, yo know I would never do that...BUT Mama G, Oldest Sister of G and I will be tearing up the Hampton Jazz Fest with Part Time Blogger. We'll be chillin' with Gladys Knight, Morris Day and the Time, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Jill Scott and Joss Stone. It's what the OG Sis calls a 'grown folks party'. Now I'm not even pretending to be grown, but I'm down with the party! (and with the recovering on the beach with vodka before doing it all again!)

So, what are YOU up to this weekend?

Thursday, June 26

separation anxiety

Somehow it is always different and always the same. Papa G rolled through last night on his way to ‘the city’. We hung out for a while talking politics and PBS and family gossip and then went to Krush with Part Time Blogger. It struck me as we were sitting there that Part Time is Papa G for the new millennium, in temperament at least. The two of them cracked me up and then bonded over how expensive what a blessing I am. We had a really great time.
This morning I was driving to work early and called Papa G to make sure he had his directions straight for the second leg of his journey. We chatted for a while and then I went into the Wawa for some coffee and breakfast. As I was walking back to Pookie the Wonder Jetta it hit me that he was leaving. An image flashed into my mind of him packing his toiletries into his shaving bag in a hotel bathroom and I sat in my car and almost cried.
I have NO idea what that was about. It happens every time though – when I leave them or when they leave me. I bawled in the shuttle to the airport in Chicago. And in my car when Mama G left after Memorial Day. For a moment I am desolate and deserted. Then I give myself a little mental slap and remember that I am a grown ass woman who… not true. Then I just shake it off and go on about my day with this thing hanging in the back of my mind. I’m usually fine when I wake up the next morning.

Oh and by the way…he brought me a matted, framed portrait of himself done by an artist friend who teaches at OSU.
It’s hanging in my living room right now.

Wednesday, June 25

traces of the trade

Why are white people, in general, so afraid of being called racist? I have long believed that we are raised, on each side of this racial divide, with negative emotions about each other from the cradle. Not consciously – but I think it happens much more than we realize no matter where or how we grow up. On one side guilt and fear and on the other side anger and fear; but always fear sits like a live wire between us. We don’t want to look in the mirror of each other’s eyes. We cannot face the truths and so we want simply to move on. We look to ‘post racial politics’ and each successive generation for healing, but we never stop to think that maybe what it will take is something more and less than hope. Action.
Last night I watched Point of View on PBS. It is a documentary series and this one was called Traces of the Trade. It’s about a Rhode Island family’s journey through our past. The DeWolf’s were one of the largest and richest slave trading dynasties. For generations the family made money off of the triangle. Now the descendants are trying to come to grips with what that means to them today. They traveled from Bristol, RI to Cape Coast, Ghana, to Noah’s Ark Plantation in Cuba and back to Bristol, tracing the shipping route of this recent past. As they journey they learn and as they learn they change. Each to a different degree, but each in some fundamental way. Is that what we are all so afraid of? That we might have to change?
One of the hardest lessons to learn, to truly accept, is that the entire country was complicit in the genocide and that America was largely built, both literally and figuratively, on the backs of enslaved Africans. Not just Africans who were enslaved here but in Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. In the northern states, where the money and machinery of slavery was centered there weren’t large plantations. There were small households who enslaved one or two people. There were warehouses filled with sugar, molasses and rum harvested or made by the enslaved on the islands or in Florida. There were houses and factories built with money from the trading of enslaved people or from the goods they created. Throughout New England the pretty wooden houses and the charming stone walls and cobblestone lanes were created with the labors of the enslaved using materials bought with the money made by enslaving them.
Over 11 million Africans were brought here legally. Over 1.5 million died on the journey here. There are over 500 million descendants of these enslaved peoples living in the US. That number does not count the millions living on the islands or in Central America.
My family came here all kinds of ways. I am descended from John Alden who came here on the Mayflower. I am descended from Portuguese immigrants who came here at the turn of the century. I am descended from Native Americans. I am descended from Africans who emigrated here. I am descended from Africans who were brought here in manacles, slaves in the name of the Lord and by the laws of America.
It is painful and it is hard to turn and look at our history. To realize that the factories in the north where so many immigrants got their start here were built with the money and the labor of people who had been forced here. To realize that there are companies today who have their roots in slavery. To realize that one of my ancestors could have owned another. I have, within me the blood of the enslaved and the master- the anger, the guilt and the fear.
The conversation turns, inevitably, to reparations.
1 a: a repairing or keeping in repair plural : repairs
2 a: the act of making amends, offering expiation, or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury: something done or given as amends or satisfaction
3: the payment of damages : indemnification; specifically : compensation in money or materials payable by a defeated nation for damages to or expenditures sustained by another nation as a result of hostilities with the defeated nation —usually used in plural.

For me, personally, money is beside the point. What draws me is the second definition: something done or given as amends or satisfaction. It rings of something that one of the family members in the documentary said – that they needed to make every apology possible in word and deed and then it was up to African Americans what the next step will be. For me it would be a revolution in the way children are taught about slavery. The truth, great and terrible, needs to be told, needs to be understood. A national apology should be given by the President and acknowledged by both Houses of Congress. That we the people, of the United States of America recognize the atrocities in our past, the hypocrisy, the murder, the rape, the stripping of identity, the forced religious conversion, the torture, the enslavement, the theft of Africans and the corruption of our own citizens. That we, the people of the United States of America apologize in all sincerity to the descendants of those enslaved on behalf of the enslavers. That we the people rededicate ourselves to the words of our incorporation, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Something like that…
People will say that they aren’t the ones who enslaved others so they shouldn’t have to apologize. People will point to a relative that came here in 1920 something. People will say that it was years ago and we should move on. The truth is that we shouldn’t have to do this. This should have been done (or at least started) during Reconstruction. Each successive generation has tried to skip over this original wound in our national psyche. Each generation has tried to just move on. Yet until we each stop and turn around, see our past for what it truly is and recognize that this country would not exist were it not for slavery, that our freedom would not exist if it had not been stolen from others, we will not begin to heal the wound nor honor the dead.
No one is clean and no one is untouched because our foundation is bloody murder of Native Americans first and then of Africans. That is what we’re made of. It is the money and the labor that built this country. That funded the Revolution and the war of 1812. That laid the foundation for the Haiti and Cuba we have today. That built the families who built the factories that clothed, fed, shod and employed America. The sugar presses in Cuba came from Buffalo, NY. That company also made plows for small family farms. No one is clean and no one is untouched. It is hard and it is painful but I don’t care. The work of this country is to build a ‘more perfect union’, to continually improve ourselves. That is hard and that is painful.I do not want a personal apology from each white person. I don’t want your money or your guilt. I want a dedication to truth, historical and present. I wish you all the courage to truly see where we come from. Maybe then we can figure out where we’re going

Tuesday, June 24

silence is golden

Anyone who is surprised by this really needs to slap themselves a couple times.

Don - you are no longer allowed to make any comments regarding anyone's race on the radio. Yes - that is censorship and yes, I am fine with it. You're back on the air, the least you could do is stay away from race. I don't care what everyone else says, there is no coming back for you. There is no way to trust a word out of your mouth. The camel's back has been broken, now stop fucking with his wheelchair!

Monday, June 23

monday morning musings...pre caffeine

  • George Carlin died on Sunday. Why is that so weird to me?
  • Two of the Sisters' of G's Mom (Aka wife #2) will have bypass surgery next week. I'm worried for my sisters, they are worried for their mom. Sometimes family is a big worry circle.
  • The Princess Bride is in my top 5 movies ever.
  • Mama G and I will be going to the Hampton Jazz Festival with Oldest Sister of G. I'm most excited about Jill Scott on Saturday and Joss Stone on Sunday.
  • They're making a new Muppets movie and supposedly trying to bring the Muppets back to their 80's glory. That would make me VERY happy.
  • Mama G will be staying with me. This calls for the kind of cleaning that leaves lungs filled with chemicals and knees raw. At some point she'll say something that will hurt my feelings because she doesn't know that I'll spend all week worrying and cleaning and trying to figure out how to make her comfy and happy. The rest of the time we'll have a blast.
  • Life is damned complicated sometimes.
  • Why does no one want to go to the Dave Matthews concert with me in August?
  • I've been having dreams about a tall guy named Rodger who designs websites. If that's you please get out of my dreams and into my car :)

Friday, June 20

the big piece of chicken

He started it.
I wasn’t even going to post about the Father’s Day speech because there was no policy in it and as far as I could tell there was just the usual sound and fury swirling around it. Then Big Man starts posting on it and now I have something to say.
This is one of my biggest pet peeves and I have to credit it to Papa G. Apathy, in general, will make me nutso faster than just about anything else, but the apathy and general ineffectiveness and downright laziness of the Black church in America can take me into a full on Poltergeist 360 headspin.
If all these preachers really cared about the baby mamas and daddies we would see some action. A sermon is not action. Action is speaking with a school principal or district officer and finding some of these young girls either still in school or not and bringing them into the church family. Help them raise that child, help them strengthen themselves and most of all help them to break the cycle of 40 something grannies. And while you’re at it go find that young man wherever he is and bring him in too. Help him to see not only his obligations, but the love and joy he can have as a father. Help that family to come together around that child. Help those two young people to pull themselves together and up. Pick one a year if you want to start small, but do something. Do something to change your community.
Churches are supposed to be houses of worship, but all too often they are wasted space. Bible study, choir rehearsal and worship are all extremely important, but so are soup kitchens and after school programs and day care and job training. You have all that space and you (should) have all that love. Why let it just sit?
The Children’s Defense Fund will help you set up Saturday schools to teach our young people self esteem and give them not only a safe place to play in the summers but a head start in school. Call them.
Call your city hall and ask for a list of non profits in your area, then call some and see what kind of help they need.
Take a couple Sundays to pass out surveys to your congregation to see what they think the most important issue in your community is. Once you have identified it (or go crazy and pick the top three) make a plan to do something about it.
The Black church has always been the heart of the Black community, but for a while there it was the brain and the guts as well. Where we could not only seek guidance and support for our spiritual walk but for our earthly march. What happened?
Whether you agree with what Obama said or where he said it one thing is for certain, the generations of single parent children who follow him will probably be a lot less nice about it. We have let them go. We have turned our backs. We listen to fiery sermons and we say Amen. Until the words are joined with action though, I don't think we can get too upset when one of those abandoned children grows up and throws it in our faces.

time out

Dear Minions,

Don't feel like blogging today. You do it.
Best Comment will get posted as my blog at 4pm est today.


Thursday, June 19

happy parade day

Today in 'Da Bean' the people (and beer) will line the streets cheering their 'Black Irish'. The Cousins of G will no doubt be having a grand old time screaming and cheering their lungs out and partying the day away. In an effort to not be bitter about sitting in my office 8 hours away from all the fun I have decided to produce my own parade right here...(yes - I know it won't work as I can already feel the bitterness seeping into my bones)
Here is the Picture Parade!

Wednesday, June 18

the southern gentleman: update

It started here. Last Sunday this was the editorial in the Charleston Post and Courier. After some talks with Papa G and some private ranting, what appears below is the letter I wrote to the editorial board of the paper. I doubt it will be published (I no longer live there and it's long) but I'm glad I sent it in.

An Open Letter to The Charleston County School Board and the NAACP of Charleston

As the daughter of an educator and an activist and as a former student in Charleston County Schools I must ask: Honestly, what were you thinking?
I wish that I could leave it there and trust that all of you, as intelligent adults would be able to sift through this mess yourselves. I cannot. The more that is revealed about this entire affair the more embarrassing for the county it becomes.
When School Board member Ravenel circumvented the Board’s own rules in order to push his own agenda, threatened the job of Dr. McGinley (which, historically, was not an empty threat) and then used profanity regarding her in the office the correct action for the Board to have taken would have been to ask for a written apology to be read into record before he resigned. I do not understand how there can be any doubt about that. He broke rules of policy and the rules of basic human decency. I am not asking for him to be held to a higher standard, but to any kind of standard at all.
Where are the voices of the rest of the board members? Why have they not all come together to ask for Mr. Ravenel’s resignation? Could any of us have gotten away with this in any other job – usurping the authority of a board and threatening a coworker or subordinate – without being fired?
When the NAACP decided to gather supporters and go to the Board to discuss the matter they were told that each person would have one minute to speak. How they were so surprised by this action I will never know. Ask yourself if when you were a child you could have limited your parents to one-minute lectures when you had done something wrong. That’s an easy one. Did they really think that this Board would be interested in opening a dialogue with its constituents? What could have possibly led them to that conclusion?
What would I have done differently, you ask? Request a repeal of the rule and when that was denied leave the meeting and go, en masse, to the Post and Courier, The City Paper or the Chronicle (or all three) and ask to speak to a reporter. Explain what you have just done and offer to answer any and all questions that they have. None of them would have turned you down and the people of Charleston County would have seen the tricks their Board is trying to pull.
Apparently the Board is considering new ethics rules because its members cannot be trusted to act ethically without them. Yet they control the education of the children of Charleston County. People get the government they deserve. I am sad to say that from everything I have seen Charleston County deserves Arthur Ravenel, Jr.

Tuesday, June 17

let's end this


Last night I watched American Experience: Eleanor Roosevelt on PBS. Each time I see something on her or read about her life I think the same thing: Now THERE was a feminist. And more – a humanist. Last night I sat and wondered what she would have thought of this primary election cycle and the general election to come.
I sat there wondering where her legacy was. I wondered what she would think about Michelle Obama being reduced to a ‘baby mama’ by Fox News and all the so called feminists staying utterly silent. I wondered what she would think of McCain calling his wife a c*nt and women saying they were going to vote for him rather than a Black man.
I don’t think she’d be surprised. Saddened and angered but not surprised. This is after all, a woman who braved death threats in order to help organize labor and racial protests in the 40’s. She faced down the Klan with nothing more than a pistol on the seat of her car when she was in her sixties, but we shouldn’t expect women to go on air and call Fox News out on their degrading and insulting coverage of Michelle Obama. Would Eleanor be surprised that the women who kept lists of the slights and insults that Hillary suffered would all of a sudden have turned blind, deaf and dumb? No – because these are the daughters of the women who worked so hard to get (white) women the vote and then thought they were done. The world was just for them so it was just for everyone. Eleanor moved on, covering over 40,000 miles in one year, working with and for the poor, the disparaged, and the needy. She was called ‘traitor to her class’ on a good day and worse than anything Cyndi McCain has dealt with from John on a regular one. She didn’t stop at advocating for women who were like her – she represented the US at the first assembly of the United Nations and oversaw the drafting of the Declaration of Human Rights.
She stood up - at great personal risk, over and over again, with no political gain for herself other than a love of the work. She stood up, she fought hard, with dignity and purpose. In her mid seventies Eleanor was serenaded by a young Frank Sinatra on a special he did. He asked her what one word she would say the 25 million watching if she could only say one. Her answer: Hope.
To the ‘feminists’ willing to use any arrow in the quiver against Obama in support of Hillary, to the women who will vote for McCain ‘out of solidarity with Hillary’, to the feminists who rake in money off of columns and books but were nowhere to be seen when the appalling statistics on rape in the military broke (or dozens of other issues) I would like to ask you to do one thing – go read about Eleanor. Go read the third most extensive FBI file ever, read a biography, read her own memoirs, speeches and articles. Here are some My Day columns for you.
Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.
I hope.

Monday, June 16

obama and gore


Al Gore will endorse Barack Obama tonight at 8:30 at a Michigan rally.
It will stream at

from Susan...for me

You are The Tower

Ambition, fighting, war, courage. Destruction, danger, fall, ruin.

The Tower represents war, destruction, but also spiritual renewal. Plans are disrupted. Your views and ideas will change as a result.

The Tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. The Tower stands for "false concepts and institutions that we take for real." You have been shaken up; blinded by a shocking revelation. It sometimes takes that to see a truth that one refuses to see. Or to bring down beliefs that are so well constructed. What's most important to remember is that the tearing down of this structure, however painful, makes room for something new to be built.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Friday, June 13

enough is enough

This is the last straw for me. I never watched the F**King Obnoxious Xenophobic ‘News’ Network and have been generally able to ignore their asshattery because I see them for what they are: racist panderers and fear mongers. I have ignored them for years and even through this primary season, as they have gotten more and more foul. But no more. I AM DONE.
And I’m not the only one:
Angry Black Bitch
Angry Black Woman
Big Man

Field Negro
Some of Nothing
I Am Not Star Jones

And many, many others have all said everything I have to say on this issue. The time for talk is over. I’m taking action. Actually you could say that I’m going to NOT do something. I’m going to not buy the products of the companies who sponsor this bigoted crap. There is a list on my sidebar of companies who advertise on Faux News. The links are to their comment sections or their comment information. I already let them know that I won’t be disposing of my income with them and if you’d like to as well, please go ahead. I’m sure I’ve missed some so please let me know if I need to add any companies.

I would also like to take this moment to ask where NOW, Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro and Gloria Steinem are. This is a woman who has been attacked AGAIN for no reason other than her race and her vulnerability as the wife of a candidate. Let me explain that this is why many black women still don’t trust you.

As for Fuc Ewe and its sponsors please take note – I have made many lifestyle changes in my life. If I can quit smoking I can give up Kraft products. PERMANENTLY. I will not monetarily support any of these companies until there is a public notice that they have withdrawn their support of the network and under what conditions they would return.

Maybe you can slap me in the face but I won’t pay you to do it.

oh hell yes

There is only one thing I can say... How You Like Me NOW, Kobe???
Or I could say HELL YEAH!!!

Well, I could, but I can't. After the GREATEST COMEBACK IN NBA FINALS HISTORY I now have no fingernails and no voice. Now I almost want them to lose the next game so we can wind this all up in Beantown and the Cousins of G can party in the street. BUT they can do that anyway and giving Kobe another smackdown on his home court would be...what's the word...priceless.

So - nails are gone, voice is gone, throat is killing me, banged my elbow falling off of my bed and was too pumped to really get any good sleep. But we won 97-91. So, was it worth it?

Thursday, June 12

you have GOT to be kidding me

Apparently Michelle Obama is no longer the wife and mother or Barack Obama's family, she's his baby mama. Oh yeah, you heard me.

This is bullshit.

BUT there is also a movement out there to keep track of and counteract this redunculous racist asshattery.

I'm headed over to Fucking Obnoxious Xenophobic "News Network" to give them a piece of my mind and get my First Lady's back. Oh and if anyone knows where I can get a list of all the companies who advertise there so that I can make sure they get none of my measly disposable income that would be great. I have had it. I am DONE.
Carry on, minions, carry on.

bad giggle

there is no charge for awesomeness

ARRRGGGHHH! Crazy busy here at work-hell so no time to post. BUT I did see Kung Fu Panda last night which was a silly cartoon Star Wars knock off, but charming and funny. So here's some Jack Black from me to you...

ps Dustin Hoffman is great in this movie :)

Wednesday, June 11

Tim Wise Open Letter

I read this on Jack and Jill and felt the need to share it.

An Open Letter to Certain White Women Who Are Threatening to Withhold Support from Obama in November, Your Whiteness is Showing


This is an open letter to those white women who, despite their proclamations of progressivism, and supposedly because of their commitment to feminism, are threatening to withhold support from Barack Obama in November. You know who you are.

I know that it's probably a bad time for this. Your disappointment at the electoral defeat of Senator Hillary Clinton is fresh, the sting is new, and the anger that animates many of you--who rightly point out that the media was often sexist in its treatment of the Senator--is raw, pure and justified.That said, and despite the awkward timing, I need to ask you a few questions, and I hope you will take them in the spirit of solidarity with which they are genuinely intended. But before the questions, a statement if you don't mind, or indeed, even if (as I suspect), you will mind it quite a bit.

First, for those of you threatening to actually vote for John McCain and to oppose Senator Obama, or to stay home in November and thereby increase the likelihood of McCain winning and Obama losing (despite the fact that the latter's policy platform is virtually identical to Clinton's while the former's clearly is not), all the while claiming to be standing up for women...

For those threatening to vote for John McCain or to stay home and increase the odds of his winning (despite the fact that he once called his wife the c-word in public and is a staunch opponent of reproductive freedom and gender equity initiatives, such as comparable worth legislation), all the while claiming to be standing up for women...

For those threatening to vote for John McCain or to stay home and help ensure Barack Obama's defeat, as a way to protest what you call Obama's sexism (examples of which you seem to have difficulty coming up with), all the while claiming to be standing up for women...

Your whiteness is showing.

When I say your whiteness is showing this is what I mean: You claim that your opposition to Obama is an act of gender solidarity, in that women (and their male allies) need to stand up for women in the face of the sexist mistreatment of Clinton by the press. On this latter point--the one about the importance of standing up to the media for its often venal misogyny--you couldn't be more correct. As the father of two young girls who will have to contend with the poison of patriarchy all their lives, or at least until such time as that system of oppression is eradicated, I will be the first to join the boycott of, or demonstration on, whatever media outlet you choose to make that point. But on the first part of the above equation--the part where you insist voting against Obama is about gender solidarity--you are, for lack of a better way to put it, completely full of crap. And what's worse is that at some level I suspect you know it. Voting against Senator Obama is not about gender solidarity. It is an act of white racial bonding, and it is grotesque.

If it were gender solidarity you sought, you would by definition join with your black and brown sisters come November, and do what you know good and well they are going to do, in overwhelming numbers, which is vote for Barack Obama. But no. You are threatening to vote not like other women--you know, the ones who aren't white like you and most of your friends--but rather, like white men! Needless to say it is high irony, bordering on the outright farcical, to believe that electorally bonding with white men, so as to elect McCain, is a rational strategy for promoting feminism and challenging patriarchy. You are not thinking and acting as women, but as white people. So here's the first question: What the hell is that about?

And you wonder why women of color have, for so long, thought (by and large) that white so-called feminists were phony as hell? Sister please...

Your threats are not about standing up for women. They are only about standing up for the feelings of white women, and more to the point, the aspirations of one white woman. So don't kid yourself. If you wanted to make a statement about the importance of supporting a woman, you wouldn't need to vote for John McCain, or stay home, thereby producing the same likely result--a defeat for Obama. You could always have said you were going to go out and vote for Cynthia McKinney. After all, she is a woman, running with the Green Party, and she's progressive, and she's a feminist. But that isn't your threat is it? No. You're not threatening to vote for the woman, or even the feminist woman. Rather, you are threatening to vote for the white man, and to reject not only the black man who you feel stole Clinton's birthright, but even the black woman in the race. And I wonder why? Could it be...? See, I told you your whiteness was showing.

And now for a third question, and this is the biggie, so please take your time with it: How is it that you have managed to hold your nose all these years, just like a lot of us on the left, and vote for Democrats who we knew were horribly inadequate--Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Dukakis, right on down the uninspiring line--and yet, apparently can't bring yourself to vote for Barack Obama? A man who, for all of his shortcomings (and there are several), as with all candidates put up by either of the two is surely more progressive than any of those just mentioned. And how are we to understand that refusal--this sudden line in the proverbial sand--other than as a racist slap at a black man? You will vote for white men year after year after year--and are threatening to vote for another one just to make a point--but can't bring yourself to vote for a black man, whose political views come much closer to your own, in all likelihood, than do the views of any of the white men you've supported before. How, other than as an act of racism, or perhaps as evidence of political insanity, is one to interpret such a thing?

See, black folks would have sucked it up, like they've had to do forever, and voted for Clinton had it come down to that. Indeed, they were on board the Hillary train early on, convinced that Obama had no chance to win and hoping for change, any change, from the reactionary agenda that has been so prevalent for so long in this culture. They would have supported the white woman--hell, for many black folks, before Obama showed his mettle they were downright excited to do so--but you won't support the black man. And yet you have the audacity to insist that it is you who are the most loyal constituency of the Democratic Party, and the one before whom Party leaders should bow down, and whose feet must be kissed?Your whiteness is showing.

Look, I couldn't care less about the Party personally. I left the Democrats twenty years ago when they told me that my activism in the Central America solidarity and South African anti-apartheid movements made me a security risk, and that I wouldn't be able to get clearance to be in some parade with Governor Dukakis. Yeah, seriously. But for you to act as though you are the indispensible voters, the most important, the ones whose views should be pandered to, whose every whim should be the basis for Party policy, is not only absurd, it is also racist in that it, a) ignores and treats as irrelevant the much more loyal constituency of black folks, without whom no Democrat would have won anything in the past twenty years (and indeed the racial gap favoring the Democrats among blacks is about six times larger than the gender gap favoring them among white women, relative to white men); and b) demonstrates the mentality of entitlement and superiority that has been long ingrained in us as white folks--so that we believe we have the right to dictate the terms of political engagement, and to determine the outcome, and to get our way, simply because for so long we have done just that.

But that day is done, whether you like it or not, and you are now left with two, and only two choices, so consider them carefully: the first is to stand now in solidarity with your black brothers and sisters and welcome the new day, and help to push it in a truly progressive and feminist and antiracist direction, while the second is to team up with white men to try and block the new day from dawning. Feel free to choose the latter. But if you do, please don't insult your own intelligence, or ours, by insisting that you've done so as a radical political act.

Tim Wise is the author of: White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son (Soft Skull Press, 2005), and Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White (Routledge: 2005). He can be reached at:

my tears dry on their own

It's not that I was expecting a sweep...but somewhere in the third quarter I started hoping. My nails are bitten down to the quick, I'm checking the radar to see where Paul Peirce's offensive game went. I couldn't sleep after the game last night, reviewing it over and over in my head and seeing so many places where we could have changed things (if only I was a time traveling basketball coach).
Ah well, time to gear up for Thursday. We may not be able to sleep, but we're still in the lead!
Oh and if I hear one more whiny botox kid bitching about foul shots they'll get a G stiletto up the ass.
I'm just sayin'...

Tuesday, June 10


It's time to break them.

the southern gentleman

Charleston County schools are and have been for decades, in trouble. The school board is an over politicized cocktail hour where nothing much but pandering and posturing take place. Meanwhile the children suffer in under funded schools with under trained and uninspired teachers. Not surprisingly many of the board members have children who attended or are attending private school. The utter hypocrisy of that we will leave for another post.
When Dr. Goodloe-Johnson was brought in as Superintendent we thought that things would change. Slowly, because it is Charleston and heaven forbid we move quickly just because a situation is dire, but it would change. Then reality set in. Although she was able to make great strides in some areas surprisingly quickly she was not able to deal with the board for more than four years. When Seattle came calling she left.
Dr. Nancy McGinley replaced her and educators around Charleston County breathed a sigh of relief. They were not turning back into the wilderness; they had hired another strong educator with a history of turning schools around. It should not have been a surprise to anyone when Arthur Ravenel, Jr, a school board member, said to one of his staffers that he had gotten rid of one bitch that didn’t agree with him and he could get rid of another. We know he said it because the entire office heard him, including two other school board members who later covered for him, one a woman who advocated sterilization of unwed mothers. Yes, it’s bad in Charleston.
The comment itself is not the thing that sends my blood pressure through the roof. The comment is what you would expect from an 81 year old bigot from a powerful family when he’s confronted with two strong, smart women who are trying to make a change. He’s an irrelevant relic except for the fact that other board members have lied for him and are now supporting him. The entire board should have called for his resignation immediately. Actually the people of Charleston county should have never elected him, but what’s done is done.

The school board needs to be swept out like a cobwebbed cupboard. The people running our schools should be invested in the future of all children, educated and interested in advancements in the field and strong enough to fight the prevailing political winds if necessary. They should also be moralists who recognize what is right and work always towards it. That is not who they have elected to the Charleston County School Board.
We, as a nation seem to forget that we live in a bottom up government. You want better schools? Pick a better board. Yes, voting for President, Senate and Congress are all important, but do you know who your councilperson is? Your Sheriff? Your State Rep? These are the people who impact you and your family on a daily basis in the details – national government paints with broad strokes. While the people of Charleston get swept up in the national moment just like the rest of us hopefully they’ll remember that they also have an obligation to the children stuck in those schools. While they follow with interest the racial and sexual politics of this national campaign hopefully they’ll see the racists and sexists who are in charge of their children’s education.
The children need change, two women have fought for change, many board members stand in the way of change.

So, who’s the bitch?

Monday, June 9

damn it feels good to be a celtic

So now it's on to LA. Poor LA, they have to deal with wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, Powe, Perkins, Pierce, Rondo, Posey, Allen, Garnett...
Mama G and I agree that 'The Show' is worth watching. Great job, Leon!!!
As Papa G says, 'God don't like ugly', Kobe...maybe you should keep it at home...

After 10 years, Paul... TAKE IT!!! BEAT LA!!!
Since there's no fabulous Celtic basketball on tonight your assignment is to watch my Senator, Jim Webb, on The Daily Show! (Be grateful I'm not assigning an essay minions!)

Friday, June 6


It wasn’t that Pookie the Wonder Jetta was suddenly lopsided, just that my driver’s side rear tire was flat. Well, possibly not all the way flat, but I didn’t feel comfortable driving it to the office, so I called Harmless. He of course, told me there was no need to change the tire and we should just drive to work and fill it – tomorrow I could take it to store and get them to check it out per my warranty. As I was retying my trunk back down because Volkswagen thinks a little piece of plastic should cost $250 and I disagree I sliced my finger.
Grimy from moving tire stuff around in my trunk and bleeding I pulled up at work…late. None of this could cancel out my high from the FREAKING AMAZING GAME between Mama G’s Boston Celtics and Brother of G’s LA Lakers. I love transcontinental family rivalry. My poor little finger is bandaged, my tire is full (for now) and all would be right with the world except I was late.
Which means I have had no coffee.
At all.
Weep for me, minions. Weep.
Oh and hey, guess what?! Part Time Blogger is back - with a story about me, Mama G and our hotness...

Thursday, June 5

ps - it's on tonight!

Wednesday, June 4

Theme Thursday- what's up doc?

I'm still not quite sure about that name... but there will be some type of media posted here each Thursday...and possibly a different name for a while too!
This is in honor of Doc. AND I promise that after today I will leave it alone. He knows that it's all out of love...
That or I will soon be the target of everyone over at YJKOBT...
Better watch my back!

for Doc

With love...

I'm right...
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Hillary and Geraldine: A Response

This morning I had two more comments on my post from yesterday. As I started typing reponses I realized that they were getting pretty long so I decided to give Slag and CEO their own post. I would like to thank everyone who has commented (whether they agreed with me or not) for their thoughts and, frankly, for giving a damn when so many in this world and in this country don't. With that said - here you go:
slag said...
Sorry, G. I can't go with you on the "most protected class" thing. When we, as a country, really start taking rape, human trafficking, and domestic violence seriously, and reproductive rights are a gimme, and sexism and misogyny are no longer apart of our national pass-times, and, and, and...I'll be there with you.But as far as this goes: "Actually I’d like to show them all my ass, but I thought I should be gracious in victory." And as far as all the rest of it goes, actually, I'm totally on board!
June 03, 2008

Slag – We will have to agree to disagree. Obviously discounting white men as the rule makers – I believe that my statement stands. Of course there are atrocities that affect women in this world, which must be addressed. But your chances to avoid the ones you listed and a host of others rise significantly if you are born white. My point is that Hillary, and many of the feminist leaders who support her, seem to ignore this. This is a problem that feminism has had for a long time and has been largely unwilling to address in a movement-wide way. Until we realize that the isms are all interconnected and must be fought in a collective way I really don’t see us making much headway. I will not stop working for my rights as an American woman or for safety and freedom for women around the world. Neither will I continue to let base and blatant racism have a pass just because it stemmed from the campaign of a woman.

The CEO said...
I have a question. There are rumors all over town that Hilary will not step down nor release her delegates tomorrow regardless. She intends to be a part of shaping the platform at the convention. Meanwhile, Hilary has made it clear to NY law makers that she is 'open' to the other spot on the ticket. Meanwhile, Obama has called for a meeting with Hillary 'at her convenience, at a place of her choosing' after the dust settles. Whatever happens, Obama needs to reunify the Party for his run for office. It has been a brutal campaign. The Republicans will be even more formidable than he has faced before.If Obama is to win, he will need everyone, black, white, yellow, red, advantaged, disadvantaged, healthy, crippled, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, woman and man.Can you please help pull us all together to win in November, and then we can all show 'em our ass. I believe you might say, keep your eyes on the prize.Sorry to be contrary, you're just too damn important to this effort. Thank you.

CEO - Putting Hillary on the ticket would be a huge mistake for many reasons, but the one I think will decide it is that they have fundamentally different approaches to politics. The Obama campaign has had a committee together for a couple weeks now vetting potential nominees. The only one pushing this is Hillary…and Bill. I would say that they are too smart to carry this further, but I have thought that before.
I think we have a moment here when we can actually be honest with each other. A dark underbelly of the Democratic Party has been exposed and I don’t think we should just all roll over and hold hands. That won’t fix the problem. Giving her a pass and pretending that everything is ok won’t fix the problem. I will not stop working for the Obama campaign (My new motto is Bring It On, John) but I don’t think that we truly win by sweeping the mess up under the rug. I don’t know how to fix the race and/or sex problems in America, but I think that honest dialogue can’t hurt, so I will say what I think and invite others to do the same.
The prize for me is a more equitable, more free, more just nation; a stronger, cleaner, more truthful nation that honors its Constitution and its People. I don’t think we become any of those things by ignoring our own fatal flaws in the name of Party Unity.

Tuesday, June 3

Hillary and Geraldine

I haven’t said anything for a really long time. I’ve left this shit alone because I don’t see what good all the shouting does. I don’t like being angry – it’s no fun. The nomination fight is almost over now and I’d like to be gracious in victory. Actually I’d like to show them all my ass, but I thought I should be gracious in victory.
While I have been making phone call explaining Obama’s policies to voters and registering high school students they’ve been on TV talking about how women can see through the sexist media coverage and how women will bolt the party.
Now, excuse me but, ain’t I a woman?
They talk about the history of feminism and ignore Susan B Anthony’s rants about ‘nigger men’ who got the vote before white women. Not that they could actually use it. Excuse me, Miz Anthony, but how many women were lynched trying to vote? How many white women were lynched, castrated and mutilated for looking the wrong way at a Black man? I don’t want to compare scars – I want Hillary, Geraldine and their cohorts to acknowledge them.
While your early feminists were out marching for the right to vote, Native American, Black, Latino and Japanese women (depending on where they lived) were tending their houses, clothing and raising their children. In fact the one thing that all of these women had in common, besides a desire for their equality, was blindness to the inequality they fostered in their daily lives. White women have long been the most protected class in this country. I do not forget that not so long ago those “Iron Jawed Angels” left the women of color, who had worked with them and suffered with them in the dust, stepped over them to grasp those votes. Excuse me if I’m not so quick to jump on the feminist bandwagon now, it has a habit of bouncing certain women back into the road.
I am proud to be a woman. I love myself and all the facets of my femininity. I demand equality as a human being in this world. I demand it for myself as a citizen of this country and I fight for it for other women around the world. I do this regardless of color.
Geraldine Ferraro does not.
Hillary Clinton does not.
They do not fight against racism, no matter what they say. They do not work to include women of color under the feminist banner. They pander to the most base and illogic fears of white men and women. They talk about the sexism all around them as if it is unconnected to the racism around them and as if it is unconnected to the racism inside them.
They are not honorable, but petulant, not strong, but inflexible, not role models for our young women, but cautionary tales.
Has there been sexism evident in this campaign? Of course.
Has there been racism evident in this campaign? Of course.
Which has been worse? WRONG QUESTION!
The right question would be – did you call it out when you saw it? Did you try to stop it? Or did you twist it and try to use it? Did you, once again, ignore and dismiss women with varying skin colors and varying opinions? The MSM has been a racist and sexist machine for a long time, Hillary. That isn’t why you lost. You lost because you became a part of that machine. You got down into the guts of it and with every tear, every lie and every snarl about ‘real Americans’ you got more and more grimy, became more and more enmeshed until those of us who actually are what you claim to be could no longer see the difference between you and the machine, between you and the dirt.

Monday, June 2

so what to do with the rest of the days

The past couple of weeks have been stormy. As I look out of my window I see a tree that has been knocked down so many times in the past couple weeks that while everything around it is green and blooming it looks dead. I have been assured that it isn’t. I have been told by our landscaper that it will be back as long as we watch it and make sure it doesn’t get knocked down again. The forecast so far looks good and I have hopes for my tree. It’s been tied down to supports and hopefully it will get a chance to sink its’ roots deep before the next storm comes.
I’ve made a decision. I’m going to step back from Part Time Blogger. We had a great time on Saturday at the beach and then dinner and a movie. Then I woke up yesterday thinking about him and couldn’t get him out of my head all day. I have to step back. I have to not text or email. I need time to sink my roots deep into the earth and get strong again, because these past couple weeks have been filled with strong storms and I’ve been knocked down more than a few times, myself. This isn’t a game – I’m not trying to get him to miss me or realize that we should be together or any thing Harlequin like that. I know three things: my feelings for him aren’t going away, so I have to learn to live with them, 2) whether he returns them or not he isn’t ready to do anything about them and 3) I can’t keep waiting around for something to happen. If we’re going to really be friends then I need to be ok with us just being friends. If I’m going to get there I need time, to stop thinking about him, to stop wanting him, to just stop and get green again.