Friday, June 13

enough is enough

This is the last straw for me. I never watched the F**King Obnoxious Xenophobic ‘News’ Network and have been generally able to ignore their asshattery because I see them for what they are: racist panderers and fear mongers. I have ignored them for years and even through this primary season, as they have gotten more and more foul. But no more. I AM DONE.
And I’m not the only one:
Angry Black Bitch
Angry Black Woman
Big Man

Field Negro
Some of Nothing
I Am Not Star Jones

And many, many others have all said everything I have to say on this issue. The time for talk is over. I’m taking action. Actually you could say that I’m going to NOT do something. I’m going to not buy the products of the companies who sponsor this bigoted crap. There is a list on my sidebar of companies who advertise on Faux News. The links are to their comment sections or their comment information. I already let them know that I won’t be disposing of my income with them and if you’d like to as well, please go ahead. I’m sure I’ve missed some so please let me know if I need to add any companies.

I would also like to take this moment to ask where NOW, Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro and Gloria Steinem are. This is a woman who has been attacked AGAIN for no reason other than her race and her vulnerability as the wife of a candidate. Let me explain that this is why many black women still don’t trust you.

As for Fuc Ewe and its sponsors please take note – I have made many lifestyle changes in my life. If I can quit smoking I can give up Kraft products. PERMANENTLY. I will not monetarily support any of these companies until there is a public notice that they have withdrawn their support of the network and under what conditions they would return.

Maybe you can slap me in the face but I won’t pay you to do it.


NoRegrets said...

I like the way you work...some I cannot boycot though, as I own a Toyota and I am not getting rid of it.

WNG said...

We need every little bit, NoR. I'll take any help you'll give.

catnmus said...

I am seriously going to go through this list. The only one (two?) that I might give a pass to are Comcast and Delphi (they're a cable company too, aren't they?). I think cable companies are responsible for at least some of the ad space on the channels they carry. If they don't sell the space, they have to put their own ads in there... Or else it would be 30 seconds of empty screen. I'm guessing that we might actually see more Comcast commercials if other advertisers drop off.

WNG said...

Welcome catnmus! Thanks for your help. I understand what you mean about the cable companies, but I'm going for a comprehensive list. I think the retail products are where we can make the most dent, but everyone should make their own choices.

Jay said...

I've been asking every single woman I know why they aren't defending Michelle Obama the same way they did Hillary and they simply won't answer. It's really quite amazing.

WNG said...

Because she's black. See? It's really not that hard to say it out loud.
Help us out Jay!

Big Man said...

Damn, Craft, Ford, Blockbuster and Best Buy?


Oh well, at least those are the only companies I use so it won't be that hard to give them up.

WNG said...

Do me a favor and write to them too, Big Man, and let them know why you won't be buying, please.
Yeah, I know, I just keep asking for more and more and more...
:) Thanks for helping out!!!

The CEO said...

The Delphi that I know is a major General Motors parts maker coming out of bankruptcy. I'm not sure that it's the same one.

I will write to a lot of these. Only Coke hurts, I love Coke Zero. It's perfect for diabetics. I'll write the Board of Directors. I hope it's OK that I'm not a black woman.

WNG said...

Monty, you are great just as you are. (Although I'm sad for YOU that you aren't a Black woman).

slag said...

Thanks for all the work that went into this list! I'm going to boycott all the ones I can (can't give up our Honda, of course) and write letters to all the others. Or maybe I'll send letters to all of them along with boycotting them.

I will say that I"m going to miss Diet Coke, but now's as good a time as any to kick the habit.

Thanks again!

WNG said...

If I can kick my Triscuit habit (Kraft foods) you can kick the Diet Coke! I believe in you, Slag!

Field has more over at his blog that I'll be adding to my list ASAP :)