Tuesday, June 3

Hillary and Geraldine

I haven’t said anything for a really long time. I’ve left this shit alone because I don’t see what good all the shouting does. I don’t like being angry – it’s no fun. The nomination fight is almost over now and I’d like to be gracious in victory. Actually I’d like to show them all my ass, but I thought I should be gracious in victory.
While I have been making phone call explaining Obama’s policies to voters and registering high school students they’ve been on TV talking about how women can see through the sexist media coverage and how women will bolt the party.
Now, excuse me but, ain’t I a woman?
They talk about the history of feminism and ignore Susan B Anthony’s rants about ‘nigger men’ who got the vote before white women. Not that they could actually use it. Excuse me, Miz Anthony, but how many women were lynched trying to vote? How many white women were lynched, castrated and mutilated for looking the wrong way at a Black man? I don’t want to compare scars – I want Hillary, Geraldine and their cohorts to acknowledge them.
While your early feminists were out marching for the right to vote, Native American, Black, Latino and Japanese women (depending on where they lived) were tending their houses, clothing and raising their children. In fact the one thing that all of these women had in common, besides a desire for their equality, was blindness to the inequality they fostered in their daily lives. White women have long been the most protected class in this country. I do not forget that not so long ago those “Iron Jawed Angels” left the women of color, who had worked with them and suffered with them in the dust, stepped over them to grasp those votes. Excuse me if I’m not so quick to jump on the feminist bandwagon now, it has a habit of bouncing certain women back into the road.
I am proud to be a woman. I love myself and all the facets of my femininity. I demand equality as a human being in this world. I demand it for myself as a citizen of this country and I fight for it for other women around the world. I do this regardless of color.
Geraldine Ferraro does not.
Hillary Clinton does not.
They do not fight against racism, no matter what they say. They do not work to include women of color under the feminist banner. They pander to the most base and illogic fears of white men and women. They talk about the sexism all around them as if it is unconnected to the racism around them and as if it is unconnected to the racism inside them.
They are not honorable, but petulant, not strong, but inflexible, not role models for our young women, but cautionary tales.
Has there been sexism evident in this campaign? Of course.
Has there been racism evident in this campaign? Of course.
Which has been worse? WRONG QUESTION!
The right question would be – did you call it out when you saw it? Did you try to stop it? Or did you twist it and try to use it? Did you, once again, ignore and dismiss women with varying skin colors and varying opinions? The MSM has been a racist and sexist machine for a long time, Hillary. That isn’t why you lost. You lost because you became a part of that machine. You got down into the guts of it and with every tear, every lie and every snarl about ‘real Americans’ you got more and more grimy, became more and more enmeshed until those of us who actually are what you claim to be could no longer see the difference between you and the machine, between you and the dirt.


NoRegrets said...

Sometimes it's hard to comment here, being the 'most protected class in this country'.

I do like the photo/painting/whatever.

WNG said...

NoR - There are priveleges each of us have because of factors out of our control. It isn't a slight against you, but a fact. Why does that statement always make peopleso uncomfortable? Did I ask you to apologize for an accident of birth? Nope. What saddens and angers me is that Hillary Clinton and the so called feminists who seem to be her core supporters have tried to manipulate the racism in this country to their advantage all the while loudly proclaiming themselves to be victims of sexism. They don't see a problem with that. I do. I think it's demeaning to all women, to all people and to this country.

NoRegrets said...

I agree with you.

Hmm... as for why it makes me/people uncomfortable, maybe because it feels judgmental even though you don't mean it that way. It's the whole lumping people into a category thing.

Flynn said...

So... I was going to make a "gracious or not what makes the positions so special? Show *us* your ass"... but then I felt bad about it.

Sexism and racism have been huge parts of this election process, it's a shame. Of all the things for people to be concerned with this election... gender, 20 year old scandals, race, a middle name... that's not what we should be looking at.

WNG said...

NoR - I was very careful to define the group I was lumping. As a person who has been, and continues to be 'lumped' in where I don't feel that I fit all the time I am concious of that. I believe I defined it as Hillary, Geraldine and their cohorts. I wasn't the one lumping you in there.

Flynn, you are incorrigible. We should be looking at net neutrality, right?

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Well written and I couldn't have said it better myself. The intersection of race, class and sex is a nasty one that millions of women live daily and I also feel that Ms. Clinton and crew have done a disservice to women.

It is something that happens to all those on the margin we get lumped unfortunately NoR and women who share her demographic will be lumped with Sen. Clinton's antics even though they do not reflect her one bit the same way Sen Obama has been lumped with Rev Wright and countless shiftless shady black men before him. Its sad but fact, the key is to elevate above it. If Hillary had done that as Obama has tried this really would have been a historical race that I would have been proud to have been a part of.


NoRegrets said...

I think it's PMS. ugh.

Jay said...

Geraldine Ferraro is a despicable human being. She seems to have completely forgotten what a total freaking disaster she was as a VP candidate. She also forgets that she got the VP slot after having only spent four years in congress representing one of the wealthiest districts in America. She forgets that 2 years before her win in her congressional race she ran for the US Senate in NY and got trounced. She also seems to forget that in her 4 years in congress she didn't author a single piece of legislation. Anytime she starts ranting about how Obmama wouldn't be were his is if he was white I start screaming at the TV. It just drives me crazy.

As for Hillary, well, being the sociopath that she is, it really didn't have all that much to do about her views of race. She just assessed the situation and used what she thought would work for her. The fact that it came across as racists and that it alienated an entire demographic that has been unbelievable loyal to her didn't matter at all. For the Clintons everybody on this Earth exists solely for the Clinton's own personal use in furthering their quest to acquire political power to then use against their enemies. Once the Clinton's achieve that power they then toss aside and move on to another group of people to use. Bill and Hillary are just users. That's all they are.

WNG said...

Thanks OG, and for the record. I really wanted this to be a different kind of race too.

NoR - no worries, I just wanted to make sure you knew that I wasn't doing the lumping here. I don't mind making people uncomfortable because I'm making them think, but I'm not a fan of group attacks. I feel like the Clinton campaign has been attacking me, as a Black woman, for months now, so I wanted to speak up.

Well, Jay, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel. I don't think that enough people know the details of Ferraro's record or of Hillary's Post White House either. If they did I think they'd be surprised by just how little they've done.

Big Man said...

Really nice commentary.

WNG said...

Thanks, Big Man!

slag said...

Sorry, G. I can't go with you on the "most protected class" thing. When we, as a country, really start taking rape, human trafficking, and domestic violence seriously, and reproductive rights are a gimme, and sexism and misogyny are no longer apart of our national pass-times, and, and, and...I'll be there with you.

But as far as this goes: "Actually I’d like to show them all my ass, but I thought I should be gracious in victory." And as far as all the rest of it goes, actually, I'm totally on board!

The CEO said...

I have a question. There are rumors all over town that Hilary will not step down nor release her delegates tomorrow regardless. She intends to be a part of shaping the platform at the convention. Meanwhile, Hilary has made it clear to NY law makers that she is 'open' to the other spot on the ticket.

Meanwhile, Obama has called for a meeting with Hillary 'at her convenience, at a place of her choosing' after the dust settles. Whatever happens, Obama needs to reunify the Party for his run for office. It has been a brutal campaign. The Republicans will be even more formidable than he has faced before.

If Obama is to win, he will need everyone, black, white, yellow, red, advantaged, disadvantaged, healthy, crippled, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, woman and man.

Can you please help pull us all together to win in November, and then we can all show 'em our ass. I believe you might say, keep your eyes on the prize.

Sorry to be contrary, you're just too damn important to this effort. Thank you.

Gye Greene said...

Good stuff; I like the "Ain't I woman" allusion. :)

Have you read WHEN AND WHERE I ENTER? It's been a while since I read it, but as I recall, it was very good (although, it's a pretty thick book: the "Race in America" class I was teaching assistant for used it.

As I recall, it discusses the American "woman's movement" from an AfrAm fe's perspective -- and how, for example, while Susan B. and etc. were marching for voting rights, black women were doing their laundry for them and looking after the marchers' children.


WNG said...

I have not - but now I will. It's a story that so many people seemed shocked by - they think that somehow these women were above the problems of their time, class and race.