Monday, June 16

obama and gore


Al Gore will endorse Barack Obama tonight at 8:30 at a Michigan rally.
It will stream at


Jay said...

It's about time. I'm sure his schedule is pretty full, but I wondered why it was taking Al so long to show up on the stage with Obama.

So now the only one who doesn't seem to be willing to find a time to appear with Obama is ... uh ... Hillary. ;-)

NoRegrets said...

If he hadn't won the big prize, would his endorsement been as influential?

WNG said...

I'm not sure how influential his endorsement is - most of the people Gore attracts are already pretty well on the left and probably already in Obama's camp - BUT it gets some free airtime and is another 'why I like Obama' speech from a big name, so it can't hurt.

slag said...

It was a great endorsement. And yes, the free air time is what Obama needed. Good to do it early to get people watching and to give the uninitiated some good Obama info. Al Gore looked great!

WNG said...

He did Slag. He looked happy. AND it was a great event.

Gye Greene said...

Not to be disrespectful of the guys -- but I love how Obama's drinking an invisible glass of lemonade, while Gore is about to karate-chop the lectern. :)