Thursday, June 5

ps - it's on tonight!


Jay said...

Since my Spurs aren't there I'm probably not watching. I can't sit there and watch the Lakers win another championship. I just can't do it. ;-)

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I am so excited! When I moved here I knew there was a possibilty I might live in a city during a Championship run and win!!

Plus I love KG,Ray, and Doc!

I haven't been in a city with a championship looming since '95! Go Celts!!


The CEO said...

It's 51-46 at the half, but they're both just feeling out each other.

I am not Star Jones said...

what a game!

I couldn't breathe when Pierce went out in the wheelchair and then HE CAME BACK!


WNG said...

You HAVE to watch this, Jay - it's history! AND it's great basketball. That was a GEAT GAME!!!

OG - I wish I was there to, but the Family of G is representing as always!

See! Even Monty's got the fever :)

Not Star - I was bouncing up and down on my bed like a little kid and screaming when he came back out. That was a moment.